Ritualist Killed A Boy By Chopping Out His Brain In Bauchi


Ritualist Killed A Boy By Chopping Out His Brain In Bauchi

Ritualist Killed A Boy By Chopping Out His Brain And The Friend Escaped In Bauchi State

On Sunday 21st of November, two boys (Almajiri) were  abducted by a pair of ritualist in a city of Bauchi.

Our source had it that the boys were lured by the criminals with food, they decieved them claiming to feed them enough leftovers.

One of the Kids was so lucky enough to have escaped during the scene, he ran off straight to their head Guardian (Malam) very terrified, but he was courageous enough to locate and take them to the scene point.

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The Guardian Mal. Auwal narrated that he was home when the deceased friend ran in very frightened and scary, fanting very fast pointing somewhere with his finger, from the approach he noticed something was creepy wrong.

He added that they calm the boy and asked him, that was when they quickly rushed to the scene point but only to find the boy laying down in blood, he said that his brain was already chopped out but he was still breathing but the criminals have escaped.

That was when the Police arrived, they tried transporting him to the Trauma Unit but the boy was already late before they reach the hospital.

The incident happened around Sheik Dahiru Usman Bauchi Resident, about 15 blocks away.

The boy’s father, Mal. Musa was immediately informed moments away from the incident happening

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