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Nigerian Rapper Ola Dips Biography

Nigerian rapper Ola Dips is a lively indigenous artist. His birthday is March 24, 1995. His birthplace, Ogun State, is where his origins may be found. As of 2020, Ola Dips is a 25-year-old Nigerian rapper whose gift for rhyming is natural. Since he started rapping at the age of 17, he has won over many followers. We’ll be providing interesting facts and other details about Ola Dips in this essay. Let’s have a peek at his profile first.

Although Oladipupo Olabode Oladimeji is his birth name, Olap Dips prefers to be known by his stage name. He was born on March 24, 1995, in Ogun State, which is in southwest Nigeria and is primarily inhabited by Yorubas. Oladobe’s family history is not well known, but we will update this page as soon as we learn more. On that, you can also tip us. Ola Dips’s educational background includes his graduation from the University of Jos in Plateau State with a degree in Economics.

Nigerian Rapper Ola Dips Biography
Nigerian Rapper Ola Dips Biography

Ola Dips Profile Summary

Name Oladipupo Olabode Oladimeji
Age 20 years
Date of birth 24th March 1995
State of origin Ogun state
Occupation Rapper
Nationality Nigerian
Net worth $80,000

Ola Dips Net worth

Ola Dips Net worth
Ola Dips Net worth

Ola Dips is thought to be worth $80,000. The colorful rapper earns money from endorsement deals and live appearances at concerts and gatherings. Ola Dips has attended prestigious events both inside and outside of Nigeria thanks to his talent.

Ola Dips Career

Ola Dips Career
Ola Dips Career

Rapper Ola Dips is well-known in the Nigerian music scene. He raps in a distinctive and imaginative way. In 2012, at the age of seventeen, he began his rap career by covering a Drake & Trey song. His life took a turn for the better when the cover made him more visible. Later on in 2015, Ola Dips took part in D’banj’s “King is Here” rap competition. He was praised by many industry icons for winning the competition and securing his place in the Nigerian music scene.

Following his triumph in the “King is Here” rapping competition, Ola Dips started doing live performances and attracted a following. Additionally, in 2016 he signed a record deal with Edge Record (LRR) thanks to his success. The record belonged to Reminisce, and it was Ola Dips’s first signing. He was on the verge of joining Olamide’s YBNL, but Olamide later disclosed that he was unable to sign both Ola Dips and Chinko Ekun to the same record label. The reason he gave was that the music produced by both musicians is nearly identical.

Ola Dips stands out in the music business thanks to his talent and inventiveness. Every time he performs or releases a new song, his followers are impressed. In 2011, NaijaLoaded named him among the top 5 indigenous rappers of the year. Ola Dips’s rapping was heavily influenced by prominent Nigerian musicians, including D’banj, 9ice, Lord of Ajasa, DaGrin (later), 2Baba, and Olamide. Ola Dips is the author of several singles, including

  • 5 am in Ogun state
  • Bounce (ft. Reminisce)
  • Rapture
  • Champagne
  • Let Dagrin down
  • Dreams and Realities
  • Me and My Guys
  • Shoki
  • Places
  • Ello Bae
  • Chache
  • Hello (Adele’s cover)
  • Asalamalekun (Reminisce’s cover)
  • Alubarika
  • 8’0 clock
  • Kwarantine

{VIDEO} – OlaDips – Die Young

Ola Dips is not currently associated with any label. Due to a disagreement he had with Reminisce, the proprietor of the music label LLR, his previous employer, he left the LRR record label in 2019. Ola Dips claimed that although he used to be the reason behind all of my victories, it now feels as though someone has clipped his wings. He referred to the arrangement as “fraudulent” and said he was being duped by the record label. Ola Dips departed from the LRR record label, possessing N23,000.

Conflict With EDGE/LRR Document

Conflict With EDGE/LRR Document
Conflict With EDGE/LRR Document

On July 1, 2019, news of Ola Dips’ dismissal from LRR/EDGE Records surfaced, shocking those who keep up with Nigerian music. He continued to record a song in which he chastised Label CEO Reminisce and accused him of breaking a contract.

He claimed that this happened because less money was put into his music business and that his career did not take off as rapidly as he had been advised. The record label claimed they had no contract and were only offering assistance.

In the song, Ola Dips claimed he had been tricked and was quitting the label with just $23,000 (or $63) remaining in his account.

Despite this, since they are regularly spotted making comments on each other’s Instagram photos, there have been fresh rumors that they are in a good communication mode and have both gone past their disagreement.

Oladips In The Hospital

Oladips In The Hospital
Oladips In The Hospital

The rapper was heard asking his friend, OnlyOneLifetime on Instagram, to take him to the hospital in a video that went viral on November 15, 2023.

Oladips sent a message on his Instagram account asking his friend who had left the house to bring him some medication so he could go home before he was taken to the hospital.

In the video, Oladips can be heard pleading with his friend to take him to the hospital. He appeared to have passed out while traveling to the hospital, as his friends who were behind him could be heard calling out his name.

The primary cause of the illness has not yet been disclosed.

Nigerian Rapper OlaDips Passes Away at 28

Nigerian Rapper OlaDips Passes Away at 28
Nigerian Rapper OlaDips Passes Away at 28

Unexpectedly, it has come to light that Oladipupo Olabode Oladimeji, better known by his stage as OlaDips, was a Nigerian rapper who sadly died on Tuesday, November 14, at precisely 10:14 p.m. The announcement follows reports that he passed out and complained of not feeling well earlier.

OlaDips’s close friends revealed that when he expressed discomfort, his mother insisted on having him brought to her home rather than the hospital. The details of his health problems are still unknown, which contributes to the gloomy aura surrounding his untimely death.

In a statement, the management team expressed their profound shock and sadness and disclosed that OlaDips had been dealing with personal issues for more than two years. He had kept his struggles quiet all this time, so fans and the entertainment industry were shocked to learn of his death.

Following the conclusion of this trying period, the funeral arrangements will be made public. The family has asked for privacy during this time. The music industry has been rocked by the unexpected death of Oladips, and fans are paying tribute to the late rapper on social media and honoring his contributions to Nigerian music.

OlaDips, may you rest in peace, and may his family find courage in these trying times. During this trying time, our prayers and thoughts are with them.

Ola Dips Social Media

Ola Dips can be reached on the following social media network:

  • Instagram: @OlaDipsOfLife
  • Twitter: @OlaDipsOfficial

Ola Dips On TikTok


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