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Early Life and Education

Kenya is where Mukami Kimathi was born and reared. She attended Alliance Girls High School and later attended Strathmore University to study business administration. She is also a graduate of the University of Nairobi with a degree in African studies.

Mukami Kimathi Age

Mukami, 96, was transported to a Nairobi hospital that night with breathing problems and passed away while undergoing treatment there.

Mukami Kimathi Activism

Mukami Kimathi is a dedicated activist who has worked nonstop in Kenya to promote equality and justice. She is the offspring of the late Kenyan freedom fighter Dedan Kimathi, who was put to death in 1957 by the British colonial authorities. Mukami Kimathi has devoted her life to the fight for freedom and justice in Kenya, following in her father’s footsteps.

The Dedan Kimathi Foundation, which is committed to upholding the legacy of her father and other liberation warriors, was founded by Mukami Kimathi. She has also worked with communities that have been uprooted by land grabs and construction projects in the battle for land rights.

Mukami Kimathi Writing Career

Mukami Kimathi is an active activist who also writes frequently. The publications “Mau Mau Daughter: A Life History” and “Talking to My Country” are among the many that she has written. Her writing mostly addresses problems of justice, equality, and Kenya’s fight for freedom.

Mukami Kimathi Entrepreneurship

Mukami Kimathi also has her own business. She is the founder of the Mukami Kimathi Foundation, which offers young people in Kenya training and education. The foundation is committed to giving young people the tools they need to affect change in their neighborhoods.

Mukami Kimathi Awards and Recognition

Mukami Kimathi has won various honors and recognition for her efforts as an author, activist, and businesswoman. She was recognized by Avance Media in 2020 as one of the 100 Most Influential African Women. She has also received recognition from the Kenyan government for her efforts in the cause of equality and justice.

Mukami Kimathi Personal Life

Both a mother and a grandmother, Mukami Kimathi. She is a strong, resilient woman who has faced many obstacles in her life. Her commitment to Kenya’s fight for justice and freedom continues to serve as an example for young people all around the nation.

When was Mukami Kimathi born?

It’s thought that he was born in 1920. [This article has been updated to reflect Mukami’s actual age of 101].


The struggle for justice and equality in Kenya has benefited greatly from the strength and tenacity of Mukami Kimathi. She has received countless honors and recognition for her efforts as an activist, author, and businesswoman, and she continues to motivate young people all over the nation to make a difference in their communities. Mukami Kimathi’s dedication to the fight for liberty and justice is evidence of the lasting legacy left by her father and other Kenyan freedom fighters.

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