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Mewolaka Biography

Mewolaka is a vlogger who became famous on Facebook in 2020 under the name Mewolaka. Her biography, age, Wikipedia page, real name, state of origin, husband, and net worth are all available online.

The restaurant owner, who was born in Ijesha, Osun State, is currently at odds with a group of other ladies who believe her recent teachings on family issues are biased against upsetting happy couples.

Mewolaka reportedly converted to Islam from Christianity, a claim that this media has not independently verified; however, her accusers, who are 75% first wives who have already been married, believe she did so to pique her supposed interest in becoming a second wife in a successful marriage. She has been labeled as a “gold digger,” a “home breaker,” and other things.


It is noted that the well-known blogger, a self-described single mother, recently became engaged to a married Muslim man (her detractors claim it will be her third marriage). Critics claim that since her most recent union, which was clearly supported by her new husband and was consummated upon her return from the Hajj pilgrimage in mid-July 2023, her regular topics and presentation style have changed to attacking first wives, deceiving single ladies, and glorifying polygamy.

Mewolaka’s supporters have claimed that she is the victim of unfair labeling in the meantime. They maintain that she has not lost her way and that any recent adjustments to her presentation style have simply been made to enhance the quality of her content, share her past struggles with others to serve as a guide, and increase her own happiness in her new marriage.

Mewolaka Real Name

Her full name is Ilemobola Alhamdililah ROBIALAMIN Omolola Mewolaka Ruqoyat Fasakin.

The Birth of Mewolaka

She wanted to make a platform where people could “me-wow” their relationships and “laka” (explore) the depths of their emotions, hence the name “Mewolaka.” Mewolaka made her Facebook debut in 2016, posting provocative observations on friendship, love, and emotional toughness. Users from all around the world were moved by her relatable anecdotes and her openness and kindness.

Watch Mewolaka On Tik Tok


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TikTok Triumph

Although Facebook was Mewolaka’s initial playground, it was her foray into TikTok that ultimately propelled her to stardom on a global scale. She was able to condense complicated relationship dynamics into digestible pearls of knowledge with the use of succinct, powerful films. Her writing not only spoke to the younger generation but also to older generations looking for direction and understanding.

The Essence of Mewolaka’s Content

Mewolaka stands apart from other influencers due to her focus on communication skills, mental wellness, and empathy. Her articles offer more than simply relationship advise; they also take the reader on a quest for personal development. Mewolaka’s content represents her idea that happy relationships develop from a strong base of self-love and understanding.

Navigating Challenges and Cultivating Authenticity

The trip of Mewolaka has not been without difficulties. She faced more demands and criticism as her fan base developed. She remained real, nevertheless, and carried on producing material that was consistent with her beliefs. Her audience was won over even more by her candor about her own challenges and frailties.

Impact Beyond the Screen

The influence of Mewolaka goes beyond social media. She has delivered online seminars and workshops on relationship health and emotional well-being. Numerous people have been motivated by her work to reflect, communicate clearly, and create deep connections.

The Future of Mewolaka

Mewolaka’s mission is to enable people to live emotionally fulfilled lives and create harmonious relationships, even while the company continues to develop and adapt to the rapidly changing digital scene. Her commitment to the welfare of her audience is unwavering, whether through creative content formats or deeper dives into psychological truths.

Mewolaka’s journey is a testament to the power of genuine, sympathetic material in the world of influencers, where fashions may change as rapidly as they arrive. She has established a legacy through Facebook and TikTok that transcends the screen—one based on comprehension, compassion, and the quest of stronger connections.



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