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Max Lichaba Biography

Born in 1981, Moeketsi Max Lichaba is a well-known South African pastor and entrepreneur who has built a solid reputation for himself through his prosperous businesses.

He is a businessman from South Africa who is the owner of Kwa Lichaba, Lichaba Refinery, Lichaba Custom Rides, and Lichaba Creations.

After his private wedding to Sophie Ndaba—a multi-talented individual with experience in acting, modeling, and event coordination—Max Lichaba’s notoriety skyrocketed even more. The couple’s union attracted attention from the public right away, enhancing Max Lichaba’s reputation as a well-known member of the community.


Max Lichaba: History ‧ Bio ‧ Photo
Full Name: Moeketsi Lichaba
Stage Name: Max Lichaba
Born: 1981 (age 42 years old)
Place of Birth: Saaiplaais, Virginia, South Africa
Nationality: South African
Education: N/A
Height: 1.61 m
Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Lichaba
Siblings: N/A
Spouse: Sophie Ndaba (m. 2017-2021)
Girlfriend • Partner: N/A
Children: 2
Occupation: Businessman
Net Worth: US$2.8 million

Max Lichaba Net Worth

Max Lichaba Net Worth
Max Lichaba Net Worth

Prominent South African entrepreneur Max Lichaba has accumulated an incredible R50 million (about $2.8 million) in net worth. He has achieved success by founding and running Lichaba Creations, a wildly prosperous business. The business focuses on creating beautiful jewelry pieces that are incredibly well-liked all across the world.

Max Lichaba Early Life And Education

Max Lichaba Early Life And Education
Max Lichaba Early Life And Education

Moeketsi is from a lowly family. He would assist his mother in selling fruits and veggies after school so that their impoverished family could make ends meet. His family used to reside in a garage.

His parents were unable to pay for transportation or school expenses. He therefore went to a special needs school because it was free. Fortunately, his hand skills allowed him to pass and enroll in Harmony Jewellery School, where he eventually rose to the lecturer position.


Max Lichaba Career

Max Lichaba Career
Max Lichaba Career

Max Lichaba began his career in the jewelry industry in 1998 by making jewelry using a simple method. He bought a jewelry machine after realizing the possibilities for fine jewelry influenced by African aesthetics. Lichaba’s business prospered because of his hard work and dedication, gaining him recognition as a creative jewelry designer.

Max Lichaba increased his business by exporting to other nations, capitalizing on the popularity of his jewelry line. He entered the restaurant business in 2008 when he opened Kwa Lichaba, his first chesa nyama. The eatery immediately became well-known and was loved by both residents and visitors.

Max Lichaba’s Personal Life

Max Lichaba's Personal Life
Max Lichaba’s Personal Life

African businessman Max Lichaba, 42, has become a media darling, showcasing both his personal and professional pursuits.

Previously wed from 2017 until 2021 to the well-known South African actress Sophie Ndaba, their marriage was characterized by disagreements and allegations of abuse and infidelity. In 2021, the couple decided to separate and had a formal divorce. Lichaba is single, has two children from a prior relationship, and has stated that he is dedicated to his religious calling.

Max Lichaba Social Media

  • Twitter: @MaxLichaba
  • Facebook: Max Lichaba
  • Instagram: @maxlichaba
  • LinkedIn: Max Lichaba

Who Is Max Lichaba?

Max Lichaba is a businessman from South Africa who owns several companies. Apart from his astute financial understanding, he is also recognized as the former spouse of South African celebrity Sophie Ndaba.

Renowned South African businessman Max Lichaba owns a successful chain of companies. However, he did not arrive at this point quickly or without shedding tears, sweat, and blood. His tale aptly illustrates how perseverance can elevate one from poverty to wealth.

Max Lichaba, a self-made millionaire from South Africa, is an inspiration to countless numbers of individuals who have heard his story, possibly even millions. His difficult background strengthened his resilience and gave him the skills to launch and manage prosperous businesses.

How old is Max Lichaba?

He was born in Virginia, Welkom, in a tiny village known as Saaiplaais. Sadly, Max Lichaba has not disclosed his birthday, which is why it is still unknown how old he is. However, in 2022, he is projected to be in his early 40s.

What does Max Lichaba do?

He serves as the CEO of Lichaba Group-owned jewelry brand Lichaba Creations. Custom jewelry designs and costumes are the company’s areas of expertise.

The CEO disclosed that they use premium metals and custom-craft them to fit your design to ensure lifetime. He said he had always dreamed of being the owner of an empire in business. Thus, it didn’t take him long to begin using his variety of beads.

Other works

Moeketsi is a multi-talented individual. In addition to Lichaba Creations, the businessman is the owner of Kwa Lichaba, a chesa nyama located on Vilakazi Street in Soweto. It is well-liked by both residents and visitors.

Max Lichaba also owns a company in Cresta called Lichaba Custom Rides, which specializes in custom rides. That could clarify why Max Lichaba’s vehicles consistently steal the show! He owns Lichaba Refinery as well.

What is Max Lichaba’s net worth?

Every single one of Moeketsi’s businesses is booming, both domestically and globally. For instance, his jewelry company distributes jewelry to at least seven different nations. The majority of Max Lichaba’s profiles indicate that he has a net worth of more than R50 million.

Who is Max Lichaba married to?

As of right now, the businessman is divorced. Up to their divorce in 2021, he was wed to Sophie Ndaba, a well-known figure in South Africa. Sophie had been friends with Max Lichaba’s brothers for a few years before the two met.

Even though Sophie is older than Moeketsi, he works up the bravery to ask her out on a date during a family event. However, she declined. Max asked her out again at the following family lunch, and this time, encouraged by Moeketsi’s family, she accepted.

Wedding and divorce

They remained secretive about their relationship for a few months, until revealing it to the world during an appearance on Top Billing. Max disclosed that he made three or four proposals before Sophie accepted. As soon as she did, they began arranging their marriage. In March 2018, they tied the knot in a traditional wedding.

Regrettably, there was turmoil throughout their relationship. The businessman admitted to cheating on his wife Sophie Ndaba in 2021. This happened after Lwandle, Sophie’s youngest son, recorded a diss track called “My Step Dad Is A Devil” that was directed towards him.

Lwandle accused Max of being physically abusive to his mother and of cheating in the song. He also attributed his mother’s sadness to his stepfather.

Is Sophie Ndaba still married to Max Lichaba?

Following the revelation of the adultery charges, the two decided to call it quits in 2021. Following the divorce, Sophie Ndaba went on and there have been rumors that she is seeing a Nigerian pastor.

Themba Ndaba had been Sophie’s previous spouse. Max Lichaba’s current spouse remains a mystery, primarily due to rumors that he is unmarried.

Who are Max Lichaba’s children?

There are rumors that he has kids from several baby moms. But after posting a photo of himself taken with his children several times, he revealed that they are the love of his life.

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