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Kent Edunjobi Biography

Kent Edunjobi, a twin, was born on May 29 and grew up with his twin brother and sister.

He is a multi-talented Nigerian musician, singer, voice coach, songwriter, composer of movie soundtracks, and music producer.


Name: Hazzan Kehinde Daniel
Age: 30s Years
Wife: Oluwafunmilayo Hazzan
Date of Birth: May 29
Parents: Adebisi Hassan & Oluwafunmilayo Hassan
Net Worth: $5,000

Kent Edunjobi Parents

Adebisi and Oluwafunmilayo Hassan, who had both previously resided in Ijebu Ode, Ogun State, gave birth to Edunobi in Magodo, Lagos State. His dad worked as a federal servant in Abuja as the Head of the Nigerian Prison Commissary while his mother ran a commercial company. This made it necessary for Edunjobi and his siblings to occasionally travel to Abuja to meet their father, a devoted music enthusiast “who would have done music selections of trending songs” before the family’s arrival.

Up until the year 1995, when Edunjobi lost his father, everything appeared to be ideal. At that time, having a luxurious existence started to gradually fade away like paper to water. As a result, Edunjobi and his siblings were raised to value every chance life gave them and every dime their mother—the sole parent still alive—could muster.

Kent Edunjobi Career

In November 2020, Kent Edunjobi released the album Citation, which was based on a Netflix original film. Kent Edunjobi and Peace Abosede wrote the album. It has five strong songs, including Senorita, Sometimes, Cava Senegal, Moremi, and Senegal Bi Ge Niale.

Additionally, he released the soundtrack album Swallow, which includes songs like Ife E Wa, Naira Kobo, Ireti, and Alo O.

He first gained attention for creating the soundtrack for Kunle Afolayan’s Netflix film Anikulapo, which stars renowned actors including Kunle Remi, Sola Sobowale, and Bimbo Ademoye.

Kent Edunjobi’s Rise to Prominence

Kent Edunjobi’s breakthrough came when he created the soundtracks for the critically praised Netflix film “Anikulapo,” which was directed by Kunle Afolayan and included notable actors including Kunle Remi, Sola Sobowale, and Bimbo Ademoye. His standing in the industry was further cemented by the way his talent to compose engrossing and moving music improved the movie’s plot.

Kent Edunjobi Notable Projects

The album “Citation,” which Kent Edunjobi and Peace Abosede co-wrote, was released in November 2020. Kent’s outstanding songwriting abilities were on full display in the album, which was based on the Netflix original film of the same name. The album’s lyrically emotional and melodic songs, including “Sometimes,” “Cava Senegal,” “Moremi,” “Senegal Bi Ge Niale,” and “Senorita,” attracted audiences.

Kent Edunjobi additionally contributed to the CD “Swallow,” which served as the official soundtrack for another well-known movie. Songs like “Ife E Wa,” “Naira Kobo,” “Ireti,” and “Alo O” demonstrated his musical flexibility and audience-friendly compositional skills.

Kent Edunjobi’s Wife and Children

Mrs. Oluwafunmilayo Hazzan, his gorgeous heartthrob, married Kent Edunjobi. Married on March 27, 2016, the couple. Ara and Eri were born in 2016 as a result of their union.

Kent Edunjobi’s Personal Life

Beyond his achievements in the workplace, Kent Edunjobi enjoys his personal life. Since March 27, 2016, he and his wife, Olufunmilayo Hazzan, have been living blissfully together. Ara and Eri, the product of their relationship, are twins. Kent appreciates his family and the help they have given him along the way.

Kent Edunjobi Net Worth

Kent Edunjobi is thought to be worth $5,000.

Kent Edunjobi Social Media

Through social media sites, Kent Edunjobi actively interacts with his fans and followers. By following his official Facebook and Instagram accounts, you may communicate with him and remain informed about his newest activities.

  • Facebook: Kent Edunjobi
  • Instagram: @kent_edunjobi


Kent Edunjobi has achieved considerable success in the Nigerian entertainment business thanks to his love of music and extraordinary talent. He keeps making a lasting mark on the film industry and the hearts of his fans by writing soul-stirring songs as well as fascinating soundtracks. As Kent’s career progresses, we anxiously look forward to his further endeavors and the difference he will certainly make in the music industry.

What are some of Kent Edunjobi’s notable achievements?

The album “Citation” is based on the Netflix original movie of the same name and the soundtracks for the Netflix film “Anikulapo” are what made Kent Edunjobi famous. His songs’ evocative melodies and deep lyrics have captured listeners’ attention.

 How did Kent Edunjobi start his career?

Kent Edunjobi’s career was launched by his love of music and commitment to developing his abilities. His extraordinary abilities as a songwriter, composer of film scores, music producer, singer, and voice coach opened doors for him in the Nigerian music business.

What are some of Kent Edunjobi’s current projects?

Kent Edunjobi is consistently engaged in new endeavors and partnerships. Recent projects he worked on included the album “Citation” and the official music for the movie “Swallow.” For information on his most recent activities, follow him on his social media channels.

How does Kent Edunjobi contribute to philanthropy?

There aren’t many facts accessible concerning Kent Edunjobi’s charitable endeavors, although many musicians use their platforms to promote different causes and improve society. It is customary for musicians to participate in charitable activities, spreading knowledge and aiding those in need.

What is Kent Edunjobi’s impact on the industry?

The Nigerian music business has been significantly impacted by Kent Edunjobi. He has improved the storytelling in movies and contributed to their success through his compositions. Aspiring musicians are inspired by him and the business benefits from his commitment to his profession and ability to create emotions via music.

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