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Jock Zonfrillo Biography

In Melbourne, Australia, Jock Zonfrillo, a Scottish chef and TV host, was born Barry Zonfrillo. He was most known for founding The Orana Foundation, a group devoted to preserving the traditional ingredients and culinary methods used by Indigenous Australians, and for serving as one of the judges on the hit food competition MasterChef Australia.

Jock Zonfrillo Career

At the age of 13, Zonfrillo began working as a dishwasher part-time while going to school. At the age of 15, he dropped out of school to start an apprenticeship at Scotland’s Turnberry Hotel. Before joining the staff of Marco Pierre White, he worked at Chester’s Arkle Restaurant. After working for White, Zonfrillo relocated to Australia and spent a year as a waiter at Restaurant 41 in Sydney. He took a position as head chef at The Tresanton Hotel in Cornwall after returning to the UK.


In 2000, Zonfrillo made his way back to Australia and took the helm as chef at Restaurant 41. He established Restaurant Orana and Street ADL in Adelaide in 2013, and in 2017 he replaced them with Bistro Blackwood.

Gourmet Traveller magazine recognized Restaurant Orana Australia’s 2018 Restaurant of the Year, while The Australian named Zonfrillo Australia’s 2018 Hottest Chef. The Good Food Guide recognized Orana Australia’s 2019 Restaurant of the Year in 2018.

Nonna Mallozzi was launched by Zonfrillo in December 2018, however it was shut down in July 2019 after suffering losses totaling more than $140,000. Orana shuttered in March 2020 after Bistro Blackwood did so in late 2019. The total sum owed was almost $3.2 million.


Zonfrillo, along with Melissa Leong and Andy Allen, was named as one of the new judges for MasterChef Australia in 2019.

Jock Zonfrillo Other Business

Zonfrillo introduced Caim, a line of bracelets featuring skulls that were allegedly handmade and costing up to $500 each, in July 2021. According to him, “Caim” is Scottish Gaelic for a “invisible circle of protection that you draw around your body with your hand, to remind you of being safe and loved, even in the darkest times.”

Jock Zonfrillo Controversies

For working too slowly in his kitchen in 2002, Zonfrillo set fire to an apprentice cook, for which he was fined more than $75,000 in damages. Later, Zonfrillo was declared bankrupt in May 2007 as a result of a successful creditor’s petition at the Federal Magistrates Court.

The Orana Foundation, established by Zonfrillo in 2016, attracted media attention for its goal of preserving the traditional ingredients and culinary methods used by Indigenous Australians. The Good Food Guide Food for Good Award was given to the foundation in 2017. However, issues with Zonfrillo’s oversight of the charity were subsequently brought up in the media.

In September 2020, Zonfrillo filed a defamation lawsuit against Nationwide News in the Federal Court of Australia over a story about the Orana Foundation. Nationwide News reached a settlement in the legal dispute, and on December 17, 2020, The Australian published an apology.

Restaurant Orana and Bistro Blackwood filed voluntary administration on October 5, 2020, with significant unpaid debts totaling almost $3.2 million. Additionally, Zonfrillo was forced to sell his home.

Jock Zonfrillo Wife and Children

He was married to Lauren Fried, a stunning woman, and the two of them had two kids.

Jock Zonfrillo net worth

The estimated net worth of ock Zonfrillo is $5 million.


How Did Jock Zonfrillo Die?

Jock Zonfrillo passed away at age 46. He was a chef, author, and a judge on MasterChef Australia.

His family announced his demise on Monday, calling him “our irreplaceable husband, father, brother, son, and friend” who passed away in Melbourne on Sunday.

Australia’s Network 10 and the production company Endemol Shine have jointly issued a statement regarding Jock’s passing.

Gordon Ramsay, the celebrity chef, sent a tribute on Twitter.

“I am devastated to hear of Jock Zonfrillo’s tragic departure. We had a great time working together on MasterChef Australia. I’m sending Lauren and the family my deepest sympathies during this trying time, Gx.

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver appeared in the first episode of the upcoming season of MasterChef Australia, and he said on Facebook that he was “in total shock.”

It was originally planned for the new season of MasterChef Australia to premiere on Monday night, but Network 10 has said it won’t air this week. Because of Mr. Zonfrillo’s passing, the upcoming season of MasterChef Australia has been canceled, Network 10 has notified The Guardian.

Where is Jock Zonfrillo from?

Born in Glasgow to an Italian father and a Scottish mother, Zonfrillo was described as “talented and with plenty of grit” and as having been greatly impacted by both of his parents’ cultures. “It is impossible to quantify Jock’s charisma, wicked sense of humor, generosity, passion, and love for food and his family.

How many kids does Jock Zonfrillo have?

The Glasgow-based chef who won awards is survived by his wife and four children.

What is Jock Zonfrillo allergic to?

Jock said that since having an allergic reaction to marron about five years ago, other crayfish have been added to the list.

How did Jock Zonfrillo meet his wife?

Hey, I saw you at a gathering a few months ago with my friend. You’re my kind of man, she said. Back in Adelaide, I was cleaning up the kitchen with my team at around 11 p.m. on a Saturday. I responded to her letter, and we then began a dialogue that lasted all night, essentially until 8am…

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