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Iremide Adeoye Biography

In the Nigerian entertainment sector, the name Iremide Adeoye has come to represent originality and flexibility. Iremide has established himself as one of the most gifted and in-demand performers in the nation as a multiple award-winning actor, diverse creative, media personality, and entertainer.

Iremide Adeoye Early Life and Education

Iremide Adeoye was born and raised in Lagos and developed a love for the arts at a young age. He pursued a degree in mass communication at the University of Lagos. He showed early signs of a passion for media and entertainment and lost no time in pursuing his goals.


Iremide Adeoye Career in Entertainment

Iremide Adeoye’s work as a performance percussionist is where he first gained the nickname “Fantasticks” for his prodigious ability to play the drumset and talking drum. He has performed on numerous stages and occasions, demonstrating his talent.

He pursued an acting career as a result of his interest in the entertainment sector and has been in many TV shows, films, and stage productions. He has received accolades and prizes for his efforts, including the renowned Best Actor honor at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice prizes (AMVCA).


Iremide Adeoye is a talented event planner and public relations specialist in addition to being an actor. His experience in public relations has helped numerous people and organizations establish and maintain a positive public image. He has worked with several high-profile clients to design and carry out successful events.

Iremide Adeoye Personal Life

Iremide Adeoye is a discreet individual, hence little is known about his private life. However, he is dedicated to changing the entertainment industry and is passionate about his work.


Iremide Adeoye is a multi-talented creative with a love for media, events, public relations, and entertainment. He is known as one of Nigeria’s most accomplished performers thanks to his talents as a performing percussionist, actor, event planner, and public relations specialist. In the years to come, we hope to see more of his work.

How old is Iremide Adeoye?

Adeoye Iremide Favour is also referred to as Fantastic. I’m fifteen years old.


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