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Iniko Biography

Iniko is a young artist whose passionate and uplifting music has won the hearts of many. We shall go into her biography and examine some fascinating facts about her in this article.

She was born in New York on October 26, 1996. Despite being a woman by birth, Iniko considers herself to be transgender. Iniko has more than 1.6 million TikTok followers and more than 500,000 Spotify subscribers on a monthly basis.


Iniko profile

Name: N/A

Date of birth: 26th October 1996

Age: 26 years’ old

Nationality: Nigerian

Profession: Singer

Net worth: N/A

Iniko career

Pop artist Iniko from the United States is well-known for songs like “Caught a body,” “Pinocchio,” and “Motion.” On TikTok, Iniko has over 1.6 million followers, while the music streaming service Spotif has over 500,000 monthly listeners.

Iniko songs

Some of Iniko songs are:

  1. Kingdom
  2. Caught a body
  3. Pinocchio
  4. Motion

Iniko personal life

Despite being a woman by birth, Iniko considers herself to be transgender.

Iniko Gender

The gender of Iniko is feminine. She uses the pronouns she or her and has publicly declared her gender as female.

Iniko Religion

Regarding Iniko’s religion or spiritual practices, there is no information in the general public. About this aspect of her life, she has not disclosed any specifics.

Is Iniko Trans?

Iniko’s gender identity is not known to the general public. She uses the pronouns she/her and, as far as we know, identifies as a woman.

Iniko Net Worth

Iniko’s net worth is unknown to the general public as of 2021. However, it is likely that her net worth will continue to increase in the coming years given her rising popularity in the music industry.

Iniko Singer Parents

Iniko’s parents and family history are not known to the general public. She has, nonetheless, demonstrated a talent for music and succeeded in carving out a name for herself in the field.

Iniko Zodiac Sign

It is unknown what sign Iniko belongs to.

Iniko Ntosake

The name of Iniko’s debut EP, Iniko Ntosake, which was released in 2020. Six songs on the EP highlight Iniko’s deep and potent vocals.

Iniko Interview

Iniko recently discussed her creative process and the sources of inspiration for her songs in an interview. She acknowledged that she finds inspiration in both her own life’s events and those of individuals around her. She also discussed her goal to use her platform to use her songs to empower and encourage others.

Iniko is a gifted and motivational musician who is establishing a name for herself in the music business. We anticipate hearing more from her in the future. Her music is a testimonial to her soulful and strong vocals.


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