How To Easily Download YouTube Videos On Your Pc (Using VLC Media Player) 2022

How to Easily Download YouTube Videos on Your Pc (Using VLC Media Player)

You might have a music video, tutorials, movies you watched that you want to download from Youtube to your phone. Today you will learn how to download YouTube videos easily with no hesitation using your VLC Player software on PC. 

Read the following article step by step, it will simply guide you on how to easily download YouTube Videos using VLC Media Player on your Pc.

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To easily download videos from YouTube using VLC Media Player on your Pc, you firstly, need to have VLC player installed on your Pc.

Then you open your browser and search Https:/


<Please know that this method applies to most videos with only few exceptions sometimes printing “error” when downloading.

Such errors are due to YouTube restrictions on location of the contents with copyright on web.

(You can bypass that by using either website download or a program)>

You proceed by searching and selecting the video of your choice, the video will start playing instantly.

Then you highlight and copy the URL of the video in the search bar, (Control+A/Ctrl+A àthen Control+C/Ctrl+C).

Open VLC Player.

Navigate to VLC Menu and go to Media option on the top left corner and open Network stream or simply press Ctrl+N.    Click VLC Menu…Open Media… then Open Network stream.


You proceed by pasting the Video URL link you copied in the bar provided says “please enter the URL” or simply press CTRL+V.

Come down to the bottom and click play, the video will be opened and start playing.

You then navigate to VLC Menu Again then open Tools/Interface, select Codec Information or simply press Ctrl+J.

You will see a page displaying details “Current media information”.

Check for location bar at the bottom; you click, highlight and copy all in the URL Location field or simply press Ctrl+A à Ctrl+C.

Then you go back to your browser, open a new tab and paste the URL you copied by simply pressing Ctrl+V and press Enter.

When the video is opened, you right click on the video and select Save Video as.

This will direct you to your PC device saving locations and you choose your folder to save it.

Then your video will start downloading immediately as an Mp4 file named “videoplayback”.


Thanks for reading our tutorial word to word I hope by now you are able to download all your Youtube Videos at ease? Dont forget to share this tutorial with family, friends, and relatives they might be in need also.

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