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Garzali Miko Biography

Popular Nigerian singer-actor Garzali Miko is well-known in the Kannywood business for his exceptional acting and musical abilities in all of his films and songs.

He attended Gyadi Gyadi Special Primary School while growing up in Kano State, where he was born in September 1993. He continued in Kano and attended Horizon Day Secondary School, where he graduated with honors.

After completing his elementary schooling, the actor enrolled in a university and completed his program of study, earning a degree.


From humble beginnings as a young movie producer, Garzali went on to become one of the top performers in the business. Speaking in an interview, Garzali said that becoming an actor is a dream come true because he has always wanted to do this.

With the assistance of Sanusi Oscar and Ali Nuhu, he gained notoriety in the film “Gamu nan dai,” which helped him break into the Kannywood industry. He made appearances in around 20 Kanywood productions.

Garzali Miko: History ‧ Bio ‧ Photo
Full Name: Garzali Miko
Born: September 1993 (age 30 years old)
Place of Birth: Kano, Nigeria
Nationality: Nigerian
Education: Horizon Day Secondary School
Height: 1.60 m
Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Miko
Siblings: N/A
Spouse: Habiba Miko (m. 2021)
Girlfriend • Partner: N/A
Children: 1
Occupation: Singer • Actor
Net Worth: US$12,000

Garzali Miko Wife

Garzali Miko Wife
Garzali Miko Wife

Currently, Garzali Miko is wed to his stunning spouse Habiba. In Kaduna State, the marriage took place on August 20, 2021. Numerous well-known Kannywood figures, including Ali Nuhu, Adam A. Zango, Ahmed Lawan, Umar M. Shareef, and others, were also there.


Garzali Miko Net Worth

Garzali Miko Net Worth
Garzali Miko Net Worth

As of 2021, Garzali Miko’s net worth is projected to be approximately 10 million. He earns these via acting as well as singing.

Garzali Miko Early Life & Education

Garzali Miko Early Life & Education
Garzali Miko Early Life & Education

The highly regarded musician Garzali Miko was born in Kano State, Nigeria, in September 1993. Growing up, he was looked after by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Miko, whose names are kept a secret from the public.

There is still no information available to the public about his siblings. Garzali Miko attended Gyadi Gyadi Special Primary School before continuing his education at Horizon Day Secondary School in Kano, where he excelled academically and received his diploma.

Garzali Miko Career

Garzali Miko Career
Garzali Miko Career

Once a modest movie producer, Garzali Miko has become one of the industry’s most successful actors. Driven by a deep love of theater from his early years, Garzali considers himself lucky to have achieved his goal. He recently conveyed his sincere thanks for the chance to realize childhood dreams and achieve career goals in an interview.

Garzali’s noteworthy debut in the movie Gamu nan Dai marked the beginning of his rise to prominence in Kannywood. With the assistance of industry veterans Ali Nuhu and Sanusi Oscar, he made a successful entry into the field. Garzali has made a lasting impression on Kannywood with his skillful performances in more than twenty Hausa films throughout his career. He and Momee Gombe have collaborated.

The singer Garzali Miko has amassed an excellent repertoire of about thirty Hausa songs since the start of his career. Shagalin Biki Yakamata Ki Gane Soyayyar Ki Ta Kamani Soyayya, Ruman Zuma So Halita Ne Ruwam Zuwa Mizanin So and Soyayya Ce are among the notable compositions. His simultaneous proficiency in music and movies has cemented his reputation as a multifaceted force in the entertainment business.

Garzali Miko Personal Life

Garzali Miko Personal Life
Garzali Miko Personal Life

A well-known person in the Kannywood business, Garzali Miko, celebrated his marriage to Habiba Miko at the age of thirty. On August 20, 2021, a joyful ceremony took place in Kaduna State.

Many Kannywood celebrities attended the wedding, making it a star-studded occasion including Ali Nuhu, Adam A. Zango, Ahmad Lawan, Umar M. Shareef, and many more. A son has been a blessing in their marriage.

Garzali Miko Garzali Songs

Garzali Miko Garzali Songs
Garzali Miko Garzali Songs

Since entering the industry, the singer has had more than 30 hausa music releases to their credit. A few of his compositions are…

  • Shagalin Biki
  • Yakamata Ki Gane
  • Soyayyar Ki Ta Kamani
  • Soyayya Ruman Zuma
  • So Halita Ne
  • Ruwam Zuwa
  • Mizanin So
  • Soyayya Ce
  • Aure
  • Kece and many more.

Garzali Miko Filmography

  •  2019 Wakili.
  • 2019 Namijin Kishi. Mu’azzam.
  • 2018 Mariya. Yawale.
  • 2017 Mansoor. T.J.

Social Media

  • Instagram handle: Garzali Miko (@garzalimiko)
  • Facebook: Garzali Miko
  • Tiktok handle: @garzalimiko

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Who is the wife of Garzali Miko?

Currently, Garzali Miko is wed to Habiba, his stunning spouse. In Kaduna State, the marriage took place on August 20, 2021.

Who Is Garzali Miko?

He is close to actor Ali Nuhu (King of Kannywood), who nearly made fun of him before he gave up attempting to make a name for himself. After working as a lighting engineer in the film industry, Garzali Miko began directing, including my projects. He is currently regarded as one of the Hausa film industry’s most well-liked producers. In addition to producing numerous movies, he has acted in a few of them.

He is close to actor Ali Nuhu, aka the King of Kannywood. He began working in the film industry when he was barely eleven years old, and nearly all of the industry’s growth took place before him. His desire to break through as a professional actor in Kannywood brought him into the industry, where he began at the bottom and worked his way up to become a well-known actor. He began working at Rana Film Production, producing many films in addition to

Gamu Nan Dai was the first to shine in the world’s sight. The film Gamu Nan Dai was directed by the legendary Ali Nuhu of Kannywood and produced by the well-known FKD program. Garzali Miko is one of the four young individuals who have benefited greatly from FKD. Ramadan Booth, Nuhu Abdullahi, Shamsu Dan Iya, Abdul M Shareef, and the program’s director, Ali Nuhu, are among the young people who starred in this movie. Garzali caught the filmmakers’ notice with his talent from “Gamu Nan Dai,” and they began collaborating with him.

He has been greatly assisted by director Sanusi Oscar 442 in realizing the gift that God has given hero Garzali and showcasing his appearance to the world. In addition, he gave the world assurance that Garzali is a kind individual who takes his profession seriously and doesn’t squander everything that is entrusted to him. Garzali Miko has now completed all the steps a hero must do to complete this. Encouraging young people to seek out venues for entertainment is a common goal of heroes. After the Great Prayer, Garzali’s songs—especially Hasashe and Arashi—are played in practically every location.

The songs of Hasashe and Arashi have had a significant influence on Kannywood’s history since, unlike Garzali, no actor has ever had the chance to release music that has gained popularity so quickly. The key point is that, although major players in our project created films with highly successful soundtracks, the songs that actor Garzali released to draw attention to the actors continued to be released because he is also well-known worldwide.

One of the most well-known songs in the year 1700 is “Hasashe,” and even before the music video was released, people had come to terms with the new style. Visit those who possess it. With five hundred thousand (50,000) views on YouTube alone, Hasashe from the 2017 project has received more views than any other Hausa song. This was not even the case for the anthems of the great warriors. Despite the numerous obstacles he had to overcome, he never gave up because he had faith that God would support him in everything he set his mind to.

In an interview, Garzali stated that his love was what first led him to the film industry, where he began at the beginning to bring fresh ideas and eventually found himself in Kannywood as an actor. “People only face challenges in life,” he declared. They can be unhappy at times or cheerful at other times. He has acted in several films, including Hadari, Ameerah, Zee Zee, Storm of Love, Liar, Wata Dikiya, Dan Masani, Rai Da Rai, Idan Ana Dara, Bakin Jealousy, and numerous others.

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