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Fernando Villavicencio Biography

At the time of his murder, Fernando Alcibiades Villavicencio Valencia (11 October 1963 – 9 August 2023) was a candidate for president of Ecuador in the general election of 2023. He was also an activist and journalist. From 2017 until the National Assembly’s dissolution on May 17, 2023, he was a member of the legislature. He had a reputation for criticizing Petroecuador and the Rafael Correa administration before entering politics.

Fernando Villavicencio Early life

The birthplace of Villavicencio is Alaus, Ecuador. He attended the Cooperative University of Colombia to study media and communication. Verónica Sarauz, whom he met while working at the National Assembly, was his wife.


He contributed to the 1995 founding of the Pachakutik Party after graduating from college. From 1996 until 1999, he worked at Petroecuador, first as a social communicator and then as a trade unionist. In 1999, the Jamil Mahuad administration sacked him. After being fired, he and his brother built a restaurant using the settlement.

Fernando Villavicencio Journalism career

In Guayaquil, Villavicencio started his journalism career with El Universo. He was critical of a number of governments during his investigative work at El Universo, including Gustavo Noboa’s, whom he accused of corruption. Because of the newspaper’s conservative sponsorship, the majority of his work received criticism and had its veracity called into question.

Cynthia Viteri and Villavicencio revealed Ecuador was utilizing an Italian company to run a surveillance program that spied on journalists and political rivals in addition to Julian Assange in the embassy in 2015 by sending classified material to WikiLeaks. According to The New York Times, revealed conversation logs from 2015 demonstrate that Assange and members of his inner circle were aware of the documents, even though WikiLeaks did not release them.

Fernando Villavicencio Political career

Villavicencio assisted Cléver Jiménez in the National Assembly during the 2013–2014 session as his parliamentary assistant. Jiménez and Villavicencio asserted around this time that President Rafael Correa had authorized an armed entry at a hospital during a police uprising in September 2010. Correa sued him for libel, and Villavicencio received an 18-month prison term in response.[8] He went to Washington, D.C., to ask the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights for aid, but when he got back to Ecuador, he already had an arrest warrant out for him. Until the end of his term, he hid in the Amazon region rather than surrendering.

When he initially declared his candidacy for the House of Representatives in the 2017 general election, his campaign was barred because of legal issues. He was free to restart his campaign after the charges were dropped, although he ended up losing the race. As a result of his criticisms of the Correa government, he was detained on allegations of insult and espionage after his defeat. In February 2018, the accusations against him were withdrawn as he was seeking asylum in Peru.

In 2021, Villavicencio once again sought a seat in the National Assembly and was successful. After his Quito home was purportedly shot at in September 2022, Villavicencio claimed he was the target of an assassination attempt.

His time in the National Assembly came to an end in May 2023 when President Guillermo Lasso dissolved it. Villavicencio declared his candidacy for president of Ecuador in the 2023 election not long after the National Assembly was disbanded. He selected Andrea González, an environmentalist, to be his running mate in June 2023. The Villavicencio-Gonzalez ticket submitted a registration form on June 10; two days later, the National Electoral Council (CNE) validated their application. His application was, however, turned down on June 16 due to a lack of information; nonetheless, the problem was fixed, and his application was reapproved four days later.

According to a poll conducted on July 18, former assemblywoman Luisa González was in the lead with 26.6% of the vote, followed by Villavicencio with 13.2%. When Villavicencio was killed in August 2023, his approval rating was 7.5%.

Fernando Villavicencio Assassination

Villavicencio was shot in the head on August 9, 2023, as he got into a car after a Quito campaign event. Age-wise, he was 59. Less than two weeks before the general election, he was assassinated. Villavicencio’s death was verified by President Guillermo Lasso, who also declared that the “crime will not go unpunished.”

Fernando Villavicencio net worth

Net worth score
Fernando Villavicencio Networth
Fernando Villavicencio Networth 2023 24.6 Million
Fernando Villavicencio Networth 2022 22.1 Million
Fernando Villavicencio Networth 2021 19.7 Million
Fernando Villavicencio Networth 2020 17.2 Million
Fernando Villavicencio Networth 2019 14.7 Million

Disclaimer: The Fernando Villavicencio net worth figures presented here were determined using a variety of sociological criteria. Please only use it as a guide; Fernando Villavicencio’s actual income may differ significantly from the sum displayed here.

Who is Fernando Villavicencio?

Fernando Alcibiades Villavicencio Valencia (11 October 1963 – 9 August 2023) was a presidential contender for Ecuador in the general election of 2023 at the time of his assassination. He was a journalist and an activist as well. He served in the legislature from 2017 until May 17, 2023, when the National Assembly was dissolved. Before entering politics, he was known for his criticism of Petroecuador and the Rafael Correa government.

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