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Dr. Obinna Obeta Biography

In this blog article, we will examine the life and career of Dr. Obinna Obeta, a physician and entrepreneur of Nigerian descent who has made important contributions to healthcare innovation in Africa and elsewhere.

Dr. Obinna Obeta Early Life and Education

Dr. Obinna Obeta was raised in Enugu State, Nigeria, where she was born. He studied at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, where he earned a degree in both medicine and surgery. Later, he graduated with a Master’s in Public Health from the University of Liverpool in the United Kingdom.

Dr. Obinna Obeta Medical Career

Over the course of more than 20 years, Dr. Obinna Obeta has had a renowned medical career. He has worked in a number of hospitals, including the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK and hospitals in Nigeria.

Dr. Obeta’s work in medicine has been on enhancing the provision of healthcare in situations with constrained resources. He has taken part in a variety of projects that aim to increase underserved African populations’ access to healthcare.

Dr. Obinna Obeta Entrepreneurship

Dr. Obinna Obeta is a prosperous businessperson as well. eHealth4everyone and Pinnacle Medical Services are two of the healthcare firms he founded and serves as CEO of. These businesses are concentrated on utilizing technology to enhance healthcare access and delivery in Africa.

Innovative approaches are offered by eHealth4everyone to enhance healthcare delivery in Nigeria and elsewhere. The business provides a variety of services, such as electronic health records, health information management, and telemedicine. On the other hand, Pinnacle Medical Services is a prominent supplier of medical supplies and equipment in Nigeria.

Dr. Obinna Obeta Awards and Recognition

Dr. Obinna Obeta has received various honors and recognition for his contributions to healthcare innovation. He was recognized in 2018 as one of Africa Youth Awards’ 100 Most Influential Young Africans. The Nigerian daily The Guardian called him one of the 50 Most Influential Nigerians in Technology.

Dr. Obinna Obeta Personal Life

Obinna Obeta, the doctor, is married and has kids. He is a passionate businessman and healthcare practitioner who is dedicated to expanding access to healthcare in Africa.


Dr. Obinna Obeta is a pioneering medical professional and businessperson who has significantly influenced healthcare innovation in Africa and elsewhere. His initiatives in entrepreneurship are geared around utilizing technology to enhance healthcare delivery in Africa. His work in healthcare has been concentrated on enhancing access to healthcare for marginalized communities. Dr. Obeta continues to encourage young Africans to seek careers in healthcare and entrepreneurship despite the fact that he has won multiple awards and accolades for his passion and commitment to healthcare innovation.

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