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Donnie Wahlber Biography

Donald Edmond Wahlberg Jr. is an American singer, composer, actor, record producer, and film producer. He was born on August 17, 1969. He was a founding member of New Kids on the Block, a boy band. He has had parts outside of music in the Saw movies, Zookeeper, Dreamcatcher, The Sixth Sense, Righteous Kill, and Ransom. He also played Carwood Lipton in the World War II miniseries Band of Brothers.

He played the lead role in the criminal drama Boomtown from 2002 to 2003. Since 2010, he has played Danny Reagan in the drama series Blue Bloods. As of 2014, he has also served as an executive producer on the TNT reality series Boston’s Finest. For his work in the Saw movies, he received a nomination for Choice Scream at the 2006 Teen Choice Awards. Additionally, on Pop TV, he produced and appeared in Rock This Boat, Donnie Loves Jenny, and Return of the Mac. On A&E TV, he also created and starred in Wahlburgers.

His sibling is the actor Mark Wahlberg.


Donnie Wahlber Early life

Wahlberg was born in Boston’s Dorchester district. He is the eighth of nine children, with younger brother Mark and older brothers Arthur, Jim, Paul, Robert, Tracey, Michelle, and Debbie. As the frontman of the New Kids on the Block boy band in the early 1990s, Wahlberg started his career in entertainment. He also has Donna, Scott, and Buddy as his three half-siblings from his father’s first marriage.

His father, Donald Edmond Wahlberg Sr., was a teamster who worked as a delivery truck; they were divorced in 1982. His mother, Alma Elaine (née Donnelly), was a bank clerk and nurse’s aide who passed away on April 19, 2021. His mother had Irish, English, and French-Canadian ancestry, while his father was of Swedish and Irish blood.


Donnie Wahlber Career

New Kids on the Block

Wahlberg is well-known as a music artist for being a founding member of the boy band New Kids on the Block.

Acting career

Mickey Rourke and Tupac Shakur starred in the 1996 picture Bullet, which featured Mark Wahlberg in his debut acting appearance. He costarred alongside Mel Gibson as a kidnapper in the 1996 film Ransom. He returned home to play the lead in the South Boston-set movie Southie. Wahlberg gained notoriety for his part as Bruce Willis’ patient in the opening scene of the 1999 movie The Sixth Sense.

Wahlberg co-starred in the television miniseries Band of Brothers in 2001 as Second Lieutenant C. Carwood Lipton. Additionally, he played the role of Los Angeles police investigator Joel Stevens in the NBC drama Boomtown from 2002 to 2003. He had collaborated with Boomtown’s executive producer and writer Graham Yost on the film Band of Brothers, and Yost was so moved by his performance that he created the character of Joel Stevens just for him.

In the Stephen King adaptation of the alien invasion thriller Dreamcatcher, written by William Goldman and Lawrence Kasdan, Wahlberg played the mentally challenged Duddits alongside Timothy Olyphant, Jason Lee, and his Band of Brothers co-star Damian Lewis. He played Detective Eric Matthews in the second Saw movie released in 2005. He appeared in Saw III in 2006, Saw IV in 2007, and Saw V in 2008 via archival material from the prior movies.

Wahlberg portrayed Lieutenant Commander Burton in the boxing/military drama Annapolis in 2006. He portrayed the main character in the brief Runaway television drama that aired on The CW in September 2006. Due to low ratings, the show was canceled in October 2006. He played the lead role in the A&E television movie Kings of South Beach in 2007. He appeared in the TV show The Kill Point in 2007.

Wahlberg co-starred in What Doesn’t Kill You in 2008 and made an appearance in Righteous Kill.

Danny Reagan, a first-grade detective on the New York City-based police drama Blue Bloods on CBS, is played by Mark Wahlberg.

As of 2011, Wahlberg starred in the 2011 comedy Zookeeper and hosted a web radio program called “DDUB’s R&B Back Rub” on Cherry Tree Radio on Fridays at 8 PM PST.

The show “Very Scary People” on HLN is now hosted by Wahlberg.

Wahlberg participated in The Masked Singer’s fifth season in 2021 as “Cluedle-Doo,” the rooster that provided fans with insider information. Wahlberg was revealed after singing “Return of the Mack” by Mark Morrison in the semifinals. Even when Omarion was revealed to be “Yeti,” the wildcard contestant, he persisted.

Donnie Wahlber Personal life

Wahlberg was accused of committing first-degree arson in 1991 when he allegedly started a fire at Louisville, Kentucky’s famed Seelbach Hotel. Authorities said that Wahlberg, who was then known as the “bad boy” of the boy band New Kids on the Block, set a hallway carpet on fire while out drinking early in the morning with fans and bandmate Danny Wood. After agreeing to appear in public service announcements about fire safety, drug usage, and drunk driving, the charge against Wahlberg was initially lowered to misdemeanor criminal mischief and then dismissed.

On August 20, 1999, Wahlberg wed Kimberly Fey, with whom he has two boys. On August 13, 2008, they declared their separation, citing their irreconcilable differences. He met actress Jenny McCarthy on Watch What Happens Live in March, according to a July 2013 Us Weekly story. They got engaged on The View on April 16, 2014, and got married at the Hotel Baker in St. Charles, Illinois, on August 31, 2014.

Wahlberg has been spotted at numerous Boston Celtics games because he is a fan of the team. In addition to co-narrating the ESPN 30 for 30 video Celtics/Lakers: Best of Enemies on the Celtics’ rivalry with the Los Angeles Lakers, he also narrated The Association: Boston Celtics, a documentary about the team’s 2010 campaign. Along with his brothers Paul and Mark, he co-owns the Wahlburgers chain of eateries in Boston, Massachusetts, and St. Charles, Illinois.

Donnie Wahlber Political views

Wahlberg supported Marco Rubio for president of the United States in February 2016, but subsequently said that the choice had been “tough” because “we have a lot of things we don’t agree on.” “We can blame the president, we can blame the government, but we also have to look at ourselves if we vote with emotion, which we’re on the verge of doing again collectively, the angry vote is what is moving the meters right now,” he said in reference to the possibility of Donald Trump becoming president.

Donnie Wahlber Wife and Kids

Wahlberg wed Kim Fey in 1999; the couple split in 2008 after nine years of marriage. Elijah and Xavier, their two kids, were born. Wahlberg started dating Jenny McCarthy, a TV personality, in 2013. The couple married in August after McCarthy revealed their engagement on The View in April 2014.

Donnie Wahlber Discography

New Kids on the Block albums

  • New Kids on the Block (1986)
  • Hangin’ Tough (1988)
  • Step by Step (1990)
  • Face the Music (1994)
  • The Block (2008)
  • 10 (2013)
  • Thankful (EP) (2017)

How did Donnie Wahlberg become famous?

Donnie Wahlberg gave a 1984 tryout to music producer Maurice Starr, who hired Wahlberg right away to be the focal point of New Kids on the Block. The group disbanded in 1994. Then Wahlberg made the decision to try acting. His performance in the 1999 film The Sixth Sense helped him make his acting debut.

What was Donnie Wahlberg charged with?

Wahlberg was accused of first-degree arson by fire officials, and he could have spent 20 years behind bars. Wahlberg agreed to participate in public service announcements about fire safety, drug misuse, and drunk driving in exchange for the case being lowered to a misdemeanor criminal mischief and later dismissed.

What is Donnie Wahlberg best known for?

He was a part of the well-known boy band New Kids on the Block in the 1980s and 1990s. His previous professional experience spans television, feature films, and music. Donnie has played prominent roles in the Saw movies, The Sixth Sense, Boomtown, Righteous Kill, and other notable productions. He also made an appearance in the acclaimed World War II miniseries Band of Brothers.

Who is richer Mark or Donnie Wahlberg?

Who has more money, Mark or Donnie Wahlberg? Mark Wahlberg is worth $400 million, as has been previously reported. Donnie Wahlberg, his older brother, is worth $25 million and was a huge influence on Mark’s early career.

Who is more successful Donnie or Mark Wahlberg?

Donnie’s estimated net worth, however, is $25 million, while his brother Mark’s is $300 million, according to If Mark hadn’t followed in his brother Donnie’s footsteps and entered the entertainment industry, he could have remained an ordinary Boston office worker.

Who is Donnie Wahlberg?

Donnie Wahlberg, who is currently 53 years old, was born on August 17, 1969. He was created in the American city of Boston, Massachusetts. His father, Donald Edmond Wahlberg Sr., who has had jobs as the Alma Elaine, a bank clerk, and a nurse’s assistant, raised him in a comfortable home. He goes by Donald Edmond Wahlberg Jr.

How much does Donnie Wahlberg make per year?

It’s unclear what the acclaimed actor makes on an annual basis. He is allegedly making an astounding $60,000 every episode, though.

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