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Deezell All Songs – The No. 1 Great Legacy


Deezell All Songs – The No. 1 Great Legacy

I believe many or almost every Nigerian either knows or heard about the Name written boldly in the above Title which says (DEEZELL) most especially in the Northern region.

Check out Deezell All Songs – The No. 1 Great Legacy with detailed and appropriate date of release and intact features.

It may be in one way or another but I am certain that most would say social media, and is heavily due to his conceptual productive and developmental influence in the northern and overall Entertainment Industry locally and globally.


Deezell All Songs - The No. 1 Great Legacy
Deezell All Songs – The No. 1 Great Legacy

This is why I am subjected to the consciousness of feeling the curiosity and responsibility of notifying the world of such a legacy in existence (The Great Legacy Of The Northern King Of Collaboration). But it should be clear enough with a little description of the star’s official profile as a narrative in the biography I think!

Firstly the vital question to be in your mind if maybe in case you aren’t aware of his significance in the dramatic elevation of most particularly the Northern Music and Movie Industry (Kannywood), should be, Who is this guy and What’s his Legacy?

Well, actually, he is a star, hero, and a legend in the making, he is the Northern King of collaboration not just a simple guy but an intellectually socialized and entrepreneurially oriented individual. His Legacy is obvious enough to be presented especially in this article as you follow on.

But let’s not skip the vital question to basically focus on which says Who is Deezell and What’s his Legacy?

Here is a brief Biography of the star for you to have a clear view of his heroic contributions to the Northern Entertainment industry and to perfectly align the solutions he provides to certain probs.


Deezell All Songs - The No. 1 Great Legacy
Deezell All Songs – The No. 1 Great Legacy

[ Ibrahim Ahmed Rufa’i, better known by his stage name Deezell, is a Nigerian rapper and actor who lives in Seattle. He was born in Michigan State, he is now 33 years old and married with a single kid, but when he was five years old, his family relocated back to Nigeria.

He returned to the country when he was 17 to finish his education and pursue a career in acting and rap. With his razor-sharp wit, dominating stage presence, and haughty demeanor, Deezell, who was only 22 years old, has won the admiration of countless music lovers.

“Yung6ix,” the most anticipated musician in Nigeria, is a featured artist on Deezell’s song, “Sunlight.” At the age of 23, Deezell was cast in another movie, “Life In America,” an Ethiopian production that was filmed in Seattle, Washington.

Deezell got his degree certificates in double honor of Film Making and International Business at the age of 24. Deezell is currently an actor in a TV Show called “The African Love” and also a Cinematographer.]

Click Here for Deezell’s Full and complete Biography

The No. 1 Great Legacy – Deezell All Craeer Songs Up To Date

Basically, Now I would say at this point that this should be enough on the basics of this article to address the delicate question of who is Deezell and proceed to the most interesting part of it through goodness to the top of the great legacy of the northern kingdom of collaboration.

As the name implies and sounds, what do you have in mind about this great guy? Don’t bother to answer out loud, I just want you to have an idea of this interesting and sensational journey.

The Northern King Of Collaboration builds up a commendable and quite reputable legacy in the Northern Entertainment industry which happens to pave the way for the Northern entertainment industry if you have been current then to recently, to a quite suitable and excelling direction.

Deezell All Songs - The No. 1 Great Legacy
Deezell All Songs – The No. 1 Great Legacy

I have a mind telling me that many will surely agree due to the factual stands of the event that, in spite of the public un-optimistic gesture given to him, Deezell happens to be the one and only music star in the Northern Music industry to ever miraculously steps up carrying along a load of underground talents on his shoulder.

Of course, it’s true he did it and I will tell you how exactly, follow me through and appreciate a hidden significant movement.

The sensational journey of this star starts back over a decade ago during his initial infiltration through the northern music industry and that leads to the essential point of the movement which is the most interesting and vital reason for this whole situation.

The most attractive part of this journey ignited back during his first exclusive northern collaborations on his first Hausa track according to his fanbase then.

This turns out to be seemingly true although the Northern King Of Collaboration had not responded ever since. The track that marked out the first-ever exclusive Northern collaboration is Titled Girma Featuring DJ AB And ClassiQ.

To all that know the song, what I am about to write down here about it may not coordinate with some of you for maybe, it may not be expressive enough to satisfy your opinion and appreciation of the song.

Do not bother I have many other ways to aware the unaware, which is why I provide the Mp3 and Mp4 files of Girma Song Ft Dj Ab and ClassiQ for all the unaware to have the test and justify it themselves as they read further.

Deezell All Songs - The No. 1 Great Legacy
Deezell All Songs – The No. 1 Great Legacy

Click Here to Download Girma Mp3

Check Out And Watch Deezell Girma Ft Dj Ab Ft ClassiQ Official Video:-

Well, I know those who consistently followed through Deezell’s career journey will surely testify and strongly disagree with Girma As the first, and I have a record of proof to level with their opinion.

And for those with a flashy consistency, I am along with a package for you to clear any doubt of this fact which I am presenting with full excitement to you below.

Those facts footprints marked back almost a decade and a half when Deezell the Northern King of Collaboration between 2011 to 2013 released his finesse soundtracks which he later packaged along with additions to make up his Vault Mixtape Album. The tracklist goes as follows below.

The Vault Album Deezell Tracklist

Deezell All Songs - The No. 1 Great Legacy
Deezell All Songs – The No. 1 Great Legacy
  1. Deezell – Final Baba Nla (Freestyle) Ft Quinn Mp3 Download 
  2. Deezell – Beautiful Day Mp3 Download
  3. Deezell – Do Me A Favor Ft NCK Mp3 Download
  4. Deezell – Sunlight Mp3 Download
  5. Deezell – Is Okay Mp3 Download 
  6. Deezell – Na-Era (Crying For Help) 
  7. Deezell – I Told Ya Ft Maaka Mp3 Download 

This is certainly impressive I also have the feeling also, those tracks basically justify the above statements with no sentiments but only compliments.

Perhaps, this will blow your minds as further, I am about to deep you through the depth of the great legacy of the northern kingdom of collaboration. It is not a theory but a practical reality of Deezell’s influence in the glorious shift of the Northern music industry.

Actually, the amazement is just the beginning, I am sensing more eccentric and mystified joyful feelings from anyone following through with an efficient perspective.

The Vault Vol. 2 is what am talking about, because to me and for the factual evidence is the base phase for Deezell’s consistent sensational journey back then. Looking at the songs involved and the nature of the collaborative response from the featured stars and from the fanbase and industry itself, the efficient contents suffice any other back then in many ways.

Perhaps I won’t say more than the evidence of the tracks would say, my suggestion is for you to asses and justify for satisfied satisfaction.

The Vault Vol.2 by the exceptional star consists of 4 solid tracks which involved the earlier mentioned Girma Soundtrack Ft Dj Ab & ClassiQ.

Deezell The Vault Vol.2 Mixtape Album Tracklist

Deezell All Songs - The No. 1 Great Legacy
Deezell All Songs – The No. 1 Great Legacy
  1. Deezell – Victory Ft Maaka & CdeeQ Mp3 Download 
  2. Deezell – Sunlight Ft CdeeQ & Yung6ix Mp3 Download 
  3. Deezell – Girma Ft Dj Ab & ClassiQ Mp3 Download 
  4. Deezell – Kano City Mp3 Download 

Concurrently, these songs surely enhance the vision of the Northern music industry by developing the idea of quality, value, and investment in the minds of our fellow young, rising, and trying stars back then.

Deezell successfully impacted the Northern young stars psychologically beneficial and his creative ideas brought about the value of teamwork to life in the heart of the Northern Music Industry.

I will like you to align what I am giving you and honorably justify his first-hand legacy behind endeavor shadow.

We have seen many Music stars rising and fighting, some thriving but most failing due to a lack of innovative and creative ideas, entrepreneurship orientation, exposure deficiency, and many more.

Certainly, he marked a remarkable difference through the decades by taking bold steps of advancement and imposing positive ideas with compatible impacts in both the physical and psychological aspects of true development.

Seriously, the hardest part here in this Legendary journey of Deezell’s legacy does not only pertain to obvious, common challenges on creative and innovative aspects as a prior but only the second to implement challenges.

You can now perfectly view the significance of displaying such an exceptional character of Deezell, and only when you simply understand the difficulty in the consistent, influential performance of a star artist in the whole entertainment industry, only then you may fully realize the heroic nature of this mighty article of the Northern King Of Collaboration.

Let’s not waste facts without proof, I strongly believe many by now had develop the desire for additional proof of all I’ve been talking about apart from those insufficient. Calm your nerves as am about shower more evidence of certain proof. I am fully ready for this.

Let’s look back again after those stunning tracks’ impact that miraculously gives birth to this current Northern Music industry standard, value, and audience.

Deezell All Songs - The No. 1 Great Legacy
Deezell All Songs – The No. 1 Great Legacy

Well, Deezell sequentially added effort and dedication bodied by determination and discipline, and the star, further went ahead to release more, collaborate more, and advance more. That is apart from the hidden financial and cooperative efforts rendered by the star.

Those projects involve many outstanding soundtracks, which I will honorably provide to you here and now. Down below compile the impactful projects of the star.

Those in the range between 2017 and 2020 are to be mentioned in this part as we are taking bit by bit of it as I clarify the impact sequentially.

But I must have to apologize at this point because, unfortunately, some tracks do not have any trace to be extracted anywhere digitally possible which involve songs like Deezell Ft Kheengs And Yung G – For The Fans and others.

Deezell All Songs - The No. 1 Great Legacy
Deezell All Songs – The No. 1 Great Legacy

But surely I will update more for you to have a sufficient and complete picture of this article with the absence of any doubt possible.

Please check this tracklist majestically and carefully focus on the collaboration rate in between this range of years, certainly, you will have more clarity and understanding of Deezell’s consistent efforts.

Deezell – Single and Collaborative Tracklist from 2017 to 2020


  1. Deezell – Aisha Ft Korede Bello Mp3 Download                                                                  2017

Check Out The Video Of Deezell Aisha Ft Korede Bello below:-

2. Deezell – Ba Ruwan Mu Ft Dj Ab, Morell, Kheengz, BOC Madaki And ClassiQ Mp3 Download  2017

3. Deezell – Kallo Ft Kheengz Mp3 Download                                                   2017

4. Deezell – Loving You Ft Emma Nyra Mp3 Download                                    2017

5. Deezell – Ubansu Ft Prince E Mp3 Download                                                2017

6. Deezell – Baddest Ft Badman Binladin Mp3 Download                                2017

7. Deezell – Slay Mama Mp3 Download                                                             2018

8. Deezell – Da Magana Mp3 Download                                                             2020

Check out Deezell Da Magana Video below:-

Surely, Deezell has been an army of progress alone, he has been on the vital edge of every possible advancing movement.

If you can carefully consider the tracks’ impact value with the magnitude and quality of the artiste involved, and systematically align these events in sequence measurably, with the significant spike in the Northern music industry development through the years, you will be strongly attached to the fact of the impeccable significance of Deezell’s legacy.

Afterward, Deezell took the matter seriously by marking the above projects as the beginning, he further fed more of his effort by keeping it live musically with multiple amazing drops.

Those currently, following the star’s career journey should be surely certain about the stands of the mentioned above statement.

And still, I have to affirm it by further providing evidence and facts of proof for more clarity and proper understanding. I believe by now, having this amount of knowledge about this legacy, everyone can obviously picture and perfectly coordinate and openly verify every further piece of evidence provided in the least detail.

But, that is not the case because every piece of Deezell’s moves musically, ranging from the last provided which is 2022 to date are fully and highly sophisticated, possessed with maximum efficiency in any aspect. Those currently will surely confirm and are certainly smiling on this point.

Well, I believe everyone is smiling considering the efficiency of the facts and proofs provided to back this up.

Check this out and keep smiling!

Deezell – Single and Collaboration TrackList From 2021 To Date


NO. 1

This is the start of something new said by Deezell’s action footprints in the northern music industry, this song feature surely burst my head, I can not explain more than the song itself, check it out.

Deezell – Duk Abun Da Zai Faru Ya Faru Ft Dj Ab, Zayn Africa, Feezy, Maddox TBB, Musa Africa, Lsvee, CdeeQ, Babayanks, Beauty Fresh, Chizo, Ejanla Freeman, Eelex Don Maka Don, Dan Sa’a Bazzy & Wizameen Mp3 Download 


NO. 2

Deezell – Girlfriend Ft Lil Prince, Lsvee, Mr 442, CdeeQ, Tripple D, Boyskiddo Mp3 Download 


NO. 3

Deezell All Songs - The No. 1 Great Legacy
Deezell All Songs – The No. 1 Great Legacy

Deezell – Late Comer Mp3 Download  

NO. 4

The super story series by Deezell is the heaviest collaborative project of All of the Star’s collaborative releases. It comprises many several high classes and young talents which rendered efficient opportunities for many.

By simply assessing the Super story project, and particularly emphasizing a focus on the collaborative and uplift events that positively impacted many northern rising stars, you will be creating a conducive environment for this particular subject in aligning and justifying its facts and proof.

Deezell – Complete Super Story ( Chapters 1 – 10) Ft Several Artiste Mp3 Download 

Watch More Deezell Super Story Chapters Here

NO. 5

Deezell – Namiji Ft Ice Prince, Magnito, Hamisu Breaker, Dj Ab, Adam A Zango, ClassiQ, Morell, BOC Madaki, Kheengz, Nomisgee, Ahmerdy, Fresh Emir, Sojaboy, Lsvee, Lutty Fresh, Feezy, Babayamks, Maidawa,  & Rapkeedo

Namiji Soundtrack is the most substantial, efficient, and extensively impeccable picture of the whole article subject considering most particularly, quality, idea value, creativity, and collaboration efficiency.

It is really serious, I am talking about features like the Super Cool Cat Founder and CEO Aka Ice Prince Zamani, Magnito, Hamisu Breaker BOC Madaki, Dj Ab, Adam A Zango, and many astonishing stars such as Lsvee, ClassiQ, Cdeeq, Maidawa, and many more exclusive stars.




Now that the soundtrack looks another way to the opposite genders, The Northern King Of Collaboration gallantly invites and collaborates with multiple amazing female Northern music stars such as Sals Fatete, Haddi Rappia, Reederh, Ruma, Divadi, fantastic stars like Princess Mufeedah, Hannie Amor and Lia.

Deezell – Na Mace Ft Haddy Rappi, Sals Fatete, Divadi, Princess Mufeedah, Ruma, Diamond Zarah, Hannie Amor, Reederh & Lia Mp3 Download 

Before I reach a conclusion, I will like all of you to favor your valuable concentration to me by simply watching this little gift I have for everyone following through. Have a nice look and meet me ahead fellas.

Check This Amazing Video simply to See Why Deezell is the Northern King Of Collaboration by Aboki Music Tv Below:-

Now that I have loaded you guys with efficient information, I will let this video mark my conclusion, though I will leave a line or two in writing also, I want you to have my last proof as my conclusion.


Deezell marks a significant developmental impact by displaying the act of credibility and consistent subordination to move everyone not just one and to suitably achieve more in working in harmony by pooling minds together to move further not just faster. This is a great Legacy considering the impeccable difference made through it.

Thank You!

Article By Imran Lawan 







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