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Davidos father Adedeji Adeleke Biography

Adedeji Adeleke, a Nigerian business tycoon and millionaire, was born on March 6, 1956. He also serves as the president of Adeleke University. He serves as Pacific Holdings Limited’s CEO as well. Davido, a musician from Nigeria, is his son. Sharon Adeleke and Dr. Vero Adeleke, who passed away on March 6, 2003, was his wife. Ademola Adeleke, his younger sibling, is the governor of Osun State.

Real name Adedeji Tajudeen Adeleke
Date of birth 6 March 1957
Country of Origin Federal Republic of Nigeria
Source of Wealth Real Estate and Businesses
Companies  Adeleke University, Pacific Holdings Limited
Net worth $1.7 billion (estimated)

Adedeji Adeleke Early Life & Education

The well-known Nigerian millionaire businessman Adedeji Adeleke was created on March 6, 1957, in Enugu, Nigeria, by Raji Ayoola Adeleke and Esther Nnena Adeleke. He is a native of Nigeria’s Osun State.

Adedeji Adeleke and his siblings grew up in a wealthy home with a successful businessman and politician for a father. Ademola Adeleke, the governor of Osun State, is connected to him.

Adedeji Adeleke’s brother, Isiaka Adeleke, subsequently rose to fame as the governor of Osun, was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria.

Ansar-ud-Deen Primary School and Seventh-Day Adventist Grammar School are where Adedeji Adeleke earned his education. He continued his education after high school at Western Kentucky University in the United States, where he received a degree in business management.

Adedeji Adeleke Career

Driven by desire and tenacity, Adedeji Adeleke returned to Nigeria after finishing his degree. He started Pacific Holdings Limited in 1983, a successful business that went on to become Nigeria’s top multinational.

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The company’s interests were broadened across other industries thanks to Adedeji Adeleke’s imaginative leadership style, which also made a substantial contribution to Nigeria’s economic development.

Adedeji Adeleke has interests outside of business and politics, including education. A nourishing environment for aspirant brains was nurtured by him as the co-founder and provost of Adeleke University, founded in 2012, and it now offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs. Under his leadership, the university shines as a model of excellence, developing the future’s leaders.

Adedeji Adeleke Net Worth

He is frequently referred to be one of Nigeria’s richest people, the richest individual in Osun State, and one of the country’s most prosperous businesses. In Lagos, he is the proprietor of numerous commercial firms. In Nigeria, he has a number of investments in industries like banking, real estate, entertainment, securities, and education.

The estimated net worth of Adedeji Adeleke is $1.7 billion.

Adedeji Adeleke Cars

Being a millionaire in Nigeria shouldn’t be difficult, especially if your family name is synonymous with wealth. Adedeji Adeleke, who hails from affluent circumstances, has owned numerous vehicles, including those his children have gifted to him.

Like his son Davido, Adedeji Adeleke enjoys fine things and does not shirk the opportunity to indulge, especially when it comes to cars. He has been spotted in a variety of high-end vehicles, but his two most expensive vehicles are a 2017 Bentley Mulsanne and a Rolls Royce Phantom.

  • Rolls Royce Phantom

This stunning vehicle boasts a 6.75 liter dual turbocharged V-12 engine that produces 563 horsepower. A Rolls Royce Phantom costs $450,000 (N172, 903, 500) as a starting point.

2017 Bentley Mulsanne

One of the most intriguing launchers in the automotive industry is seen on this luxury vehicle. It boasts a 505 horsepower 6.8 liter V-8 engine. Among its numerous premium built-in amenities are apple car play, android auto, an in-vehicle 4G LTE data connection, 60GB of media storage, electric curtains, and LED headlights. A brand-new one currently costs about $350,000 (N134, 480, 500).

Adedeji Adeleke Private Jet

In 2018, there were numerous news articles and social media posts claiming that Davido had purchased a brand-new private plane. He shared some images of himself on the plane on his social media platforms to persuade the people.

Adedeji Adeleke Houses

If you don’t own a property in Ikoyi, are you even a rich guy in Nigeria, I ask you at the outset of this part.

The answer to that is, of course, no. Even if it’s just a one-story structure, you need to be willing and ready to buy at least one property in Ikoyi, Lagos, if you want to call yourself a wealthy guy and talk more like a billionaire.

Adedeji Adeleke, a well-known billionaire, is the owner of numerous properties located both domestically and overseas. He purchased a mansion in Atlanta, Georgia, for his 60th birthday. He also owns a number of properties in Nigeria, including ones in Osun State, Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lekki, Lagos, Victoria Island, and metropolitan areas in Lagos State and other neighboring states.

Adedeji Adeleke Personal Life

Adedeji Adeleke, 66, has been married twice in his lifetime. Sadly, his first spouse, Dr. Veronica Adeleke, passed away in 2003. Adewale Adeleke, David Adeleke (also known as Davido), Sharon Adeleke, and Coco Adeleke were their four children born during their marriage.

Adedeji Adeleke, however, discovered love again after losing his first spouse, and they wed Teju Adeleke in 2015. Teju Adeleke and I are happily married, although we haven’t had any kids yet.”

David Ifeanyi Adeleke Jr., also known as David Adedeji Adeleke Jr. (late), Dawson Adeleke, and Hailey Veronica Adeleke are Adedeji Adeleke’s three grandkids.

Adedeji Adeleke Social Media

  • Twitter handle: Adedeji Adeleke (@AdedejiaAdeleke)
  • LinkedIn: Adedeji Adeleke

Who is Adedeji father?

Mr. Raji Ayoola and Mrs. Esther Nnenna Adeleke welcomed Adedeji Tajudeen Adeleke into the world on March 6, 1957 in Enugu State.

What is Davido father doing for a living?

Adedeji Adeleke Tajudeen, a business tycoon from Nigeria who serves as the CEO of Pacific Holdings Limited, is David’s father. He is well-known for being a business tycoon, a philanthropist, and, above all else, the father of Davido, one of Africa’s biggest stars.

Who is Davido biological father?

Adedeji Adeleke, a Nigerian business tycoon and millionaire, was born on March 6, 1956. He also serves as the president of Adeleke University. He serves as Pacific Holdings Limited’s CEO as well. He is the father of Sharon Adeleke and the artist Davido from Nigeria. Dr. Vero Adeleke, who passed away on March 6, 2003, was his wife.

How many children did Davido father have?

David Adedeji Adeleke and Sharon Adeleke are the two children born to Mr. and Mrs. Adedeji Adeleke. The true query, though, ought to be: How many kids does Davido’s father have? This is your response; The father of Davido has four children from various women.



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