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Cookie Tee Biography

Cookie Tee is a prominent influencer and social media personality in Ghana.

She is a television presenter, event host, model, and philanthropist known for her charisma and affluent personality on radio and television.

She presently co-hosts one of Ghana’s most popular television shows, New Day, alongside Johnie Beresford Hughes and Roland Walker.

She has also been in other well-known television series such as Today’s Women and Kitchen Wars.

Cookie Tee also co-hosts the yearly television show Ghana Most Beautiful.

All of these accolades are due to her tenacity and work ethic.

She has made a name for herself as one of Ghana’s most prominent entertainment figures.

Cookie Tee Biography
                      Cookie Tee Biography

Cookie Tee Profile

Real name: Shirley Emma Fatima Tibilla

Date of birth: February 25, 1991

Age: 32 years.

Place of birth: Bawku, Upper East.

Hometown: Bawku, Upper East Region.

Tribe: Hausa.

Instagram username: @cookieteegh

Twitter: @TheCookieteeGH.

Facebook: Cookie Tee.

Cookie Tee Biography
                           Cookie Tee Biography

Cookie Tee’s Early Years and Family Background

Cookie Tee was born in Bawku, Upper East Region, on February 25, 1991.

She went with her mother and sister to Kadjebi, in the Oti Region, when she was three (3) years old, and then to Hohoe, in the Volta Region, where she resided with her grandmother and began school.

A few years later, she was transferred to Accra, where she continued her schooling and lived for the remainder of her life.

Unfortunately, Cookie lost her mother when she was 19 years old and ready to begin her studies at the University of Ghana in Legon. She is 32 years old and from Bawku, in the Upper East Region.

Cookie Tee Biography
                          Cookie Tee Biography

Cookie Tee Siblings

Cookie Tee has a big brother and a younger sister who lives outside of Ghana.

Cookie Tee Biography
                Cookie Tee Biography

Cookie Tee Husband

She does not yet have a husband or children.

Cookie Tee Biography
             Cookie Tee Biography

Cookie Tee Boyfriend

She is single. However, according to sources, she dated Blakk Cedi, the former manager of Stonebwoy.

Cookie Tee Biography
                Cookie Tee Biography

Cookie Tee Education

Cookie’s first school was Hohoe Gbohome LA School.

She continued her studies from Class 5 to Harrow International School in Abeka, Lapaz, a suburb of Accra, where she completed Junior High.

She moved on to St. Mary’s Senior High School, where she became the school’s head prefect.

After graduating from high school, she attended the University of Ghana, where she studied Theatre Arts and Political Science.

Cookie Tee Biography
                  Cookie Tee Biography

Cookie Tee Acting Career

Cookie Tee revealed that as a child, she aspired to be a newscaster.

According to her, whenever she saw anchors on television, she wanted to replicate what they said, but she began her career as an actress before joining GhOne TV in 2018.

She has appeared in films like Hashtag, Shampaign, 3 Idiots, and A Wise Man.

Cookie was the host of “Guess Who Is Coming For Dinner,” at GhOneTV.

“Toast,” and the new “Tales from the Powder Room.”

A few months after she began hosting the two TV shows, Bola Ray placed her on “The Zone” on Starr FM, so she was doing radio in addition to television.

Cookie joined TV3 Ghana in 2020, where she co-hosted the morning show New Day. Cookie is presently hosting New Day with Johnnie Beresford Hughes and Roland Walker.

She presents Today’s Women on TV3 and other shows such as Kitchen Wars and Ghana Most Beautiful.

She has presented several public events, including the RTP Awards, 3Music Awards, and the 19th Ghana Club 100 Awards.

She earned the Best Female Television Personality Award at the 2019 Ghana Entertainment Awards USA, the Experienced Womanity Awards for Media Excellence 2019, and the TV Personality of the Year Award at the 4th National Communications Awards 2022.

Cookie also received the Outstanding Woman Brand Influencer of the Year award at the Ghana Outstanding Women Awards 2023.

I come from extremely poor beginnings—Cookie Tee

Cookie Tee recently spoke with Graphic Showbiz about growing up and the hardships she faced.

“When I first went to Accra from the Volta Region many years ago, my mother wanted to enroll me in the best schools available. She took me to Achimota School, but it was full, so we were unable to gain admission, and she struggled to place us in one of Abeka’s foreign schools, Harrow.

“For my entry exam, I couldn’t even spell words like mango and friend, and it was a watershed moment in my life. My mother was quite dissatisfied, so she hired teachers for me at home.

“I would go to school in the morning, take afternoon lessons after school, and then come home to complete nighttime classes. When I started at Harrow, I had to repeat Class Five. There were 79 students in the class, and I remember placing 16th in the first term, 9th in the second, and 4th in the third.

“I was in fourth place till I left school because I couldn’t beat three strong males. I just want to provide hope to individuals like myself who come from modest origins and believe there is nothing left in this world for them to know that everything is possible if you set your mind to it,” she said.

Away from that, Cookie Tee, who joined Media General from EIB Network last year and co-hosts the morning show New Day on TV3, said the experience has helped her become more adaptable.

“This is completely different from what I used to do. I used to be more into entertainment and lifestyle, but now there is a mix of social issues and politics, so it’s a whole different and more challenging environment.

“You must read extensively and be current on all topics. Currently, I am an all-rounder; I do current affairs, politics, social concerns, and entertainment. I do everything, which makes me versatile.

“I regard every day as a new challenge; you get up early in the morning to face the day, which may be anything; your discussions could revolve around social or political concerns, so the more you know, the better. “It is much more demanding in terms of reading, research, having the facts, and knowing what you’re talking about,” she said.

Interestingly, Cookie Tee began out as an actor before transitioning to the media. “I’ve always been an actress; my career began with acting, but because TV presenting has eaten up so much of my time, I haven’t had time for scripts in recent years.

“I have had to decline several scripts that I got because there is no time to be on set,” she said.

When Graphic Showbiz asked her if she was dating or had any intentions to settle down soon, she said yes.

“Right from when you are born as a woman, per our orientation as a Ghanaian or an African woman, every woman wants to get married so yes someday when God blesses me, I would love to settle down,” she said.

Cookie Tee expressed her vision for herself in the coming years, saying, “When you mention the name Cookie, I’d like it to be a household one. When you mention my name, everyone says, “Yes, I know that lady from this TV station or that program.”

“I want to be able to provide hope and life to young people. I’ve always said that I didn’t start like this, and I came from a humble background. “I just want to give hope to people who have never believed they could achieve anything in life,” she ended.

Cookie Tee Biography
               Cookie Tee Biography

Cookie Tee House & Cars

Cookie Tee Gh owns a lovely property in Accra and several cars, including a Mercedes Benz.

Cookie Tee Biography
              Cookie Tee Biography

Cookie Tee’s Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated at $200,000.

Cookie Tee Biography
              Cookie Tee Biography

Cookie Tee Social Media




Man crush Monday #cookietee

♬ Masede – Se Wiase Nyinaa Beyi W’ama – Daddy Lumba

Where is Cookie Tee from the Real Name?

She appears on TV looking all gorgeous, but TV3’s Cookie Tee, real name Shirley Emma Tibilla, says she comes from a very humble background and has truly paid her dues to be where she is now.

              Cookie Tee Biography
                 Cookie Tee Biography

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