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Atiq Ahmad Biography

On August 1, 1970, Atiq Ahmed was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He grew up in an intelligent family and a setting that encouraged his love of literature. His mother, Rabeya Khatun, was a literature instructor, and his father, Muhammad Nurul Huda, was well-known in Bangladeshi literature.

Prior to enrolling in the University of Dhaka, Ahmed finished his education at the Dhaka University Laboratory School and College. There, he earned a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature. The University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom later awarded him a Master’s degree in Creative Writing.

Atiq Ahmed Bio (Wiki), Age, Height, Wife, Son, Family – Overview

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Full Name Atiq Ahmed
Wife Shaista Praveen
Political Parties
  1. SP
  2. Apna Dal
  3. AIMIM
Age  61 years
Date of Death 16th April 2023
Birthplace Uttar Pradesh
Education Till 8th grade
Net Worth $10 Million (Approx INR 810 crores)

Atiq Ahmed Son

Atiq Ahmad Career

Beginning his career as a journalist in Bangladesh, Ahmed wrote for a number of publications and journals. Later, he started working as a freelance writer and translator, and many national and international publications have published his work.

“Ranangan” (The Battle), Ahmed’s debut book, was released in 1994 and was honored with the coveted Bangla Academy Literary Award. Other novels he published include “Nishiddha Loban” (Forbidden Incense), “Golpo Guccho” (A Collection of Stories), and “Abar Tora Kipte Ho” (You Cry Again).

Ahmed is an accomplished translator in addition to a novelist. Many well-known authors, including Salman Rushdie, Kazuo Ishiguro, and Jhumpa Lahiri, have had their works translated by him. One of Bangladesh’s most prestigious literary awards, the Ekushey Padak, was given to him for his translation of Salman Rushdie’s book “Midnight’s Children.”

Ahmed is also a scriptwriter who has contributed to many television programs and motion pictures. His contribution to the film “Guerrilla,” which chronicles the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War, is what made him most famous.

Atiq Ahmad Awards and Honors

For his contributions to literature and the arts during the course of his career, Ahmed has won numerous prizes and honors. He has also received the Ananda Purashkar, one of India’s greatest literary accolades, and the Cross of Honor, one of Austria’s highest literary distinctions, in addition to the Bangla Academy Literary Award and the Ekushey Padak award.

Ahmed received the Padma Shri in 2020 for his achievements to literature and the arts, one of India’s highest civilian honors.

Atiq Ahmad Personal Life

Shaheen Akhtar, a writer and journalist, and Ahmed are parents to two kids. He is well renowned for his love of music and is a self-described Beatles lover.

Atiq Ahmed’s Parents and Siblings

His mother’s name is not listed in official records, but his father’s name is Haji Firoz Ahmad. Ashraf Azeem, a former MLA with 52 complaints against him, is the brother of Atiq Ahmed.

Atiq Ahmed Wife

They were married in 1996 and have five children, one of whom is named after him. His wife, Shaista Praveen, has three charges pending against him. A child who was being held in Deoria Jail was complicit in the businessman’s kidnapping and torture.

After being named as an accused in the murder of Umesh Pal, a witness in the 2005 MLA Raju Pal murder case who was recently murdered in February 2023, Atiq Ahmed’s wife is currently on the run. The Uttar Pradesh Police state. There are rumors that Atiq Ahmed’s wife will win a prize worth Rs. 25,000.

Atiq Ahmed Son

Regarding Atiq Ahmed’s son, he has five sons, two of whom are Ali Ahmed, who is the target of four lawsuits, and Umar Ahmed, who is the target of one. The three further sons of Atiq Ahmed are Asad, Ahzaan, and Abaan. Asad and his assistant Ghulam were slain in an encounter by the Uttar Pradesh Police in Jhansi on April 13, 2023.

Net Worth of Atiq Ahmed

Atiq Ahmed, a former criminal turned politician from India, is anticipated to have a net worth of $10 million in 2023, or around INR 810 crores.

Who is Atiq Ahmed and why he is in Jail?

Former leader of organized crime Atiq Ahmed is currently active in politics. He had also served as a lawmaker and MP for the Samajwadi Party. He was created in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India, on August 10, 1962. Atiq Ahmed graduated from high school in Allahabad in 1979. Ahmed has taken part in numerous elections although he is detained on various offenses. In addition to being a politician, Ahmed also owns a number of enterprises in agriculture and real estate.

  1. Atiq Ahmed is the first person to be held under the “Gangster Act” in Uttar Pradesh.
  2. Ahmed reportedly began his criminal career in 1979 after being accused of murder.
  3. He is currently being accused of more than 70 crimes.
  4. He was most recently detained at the Dhoomanganj police station in Prayagraj in relation to the murder of Umesh Pal, a significant witness in the 2005 murder case of Bahujan Samaj Party MLA Raju Pal. The former politician entered politics in 1989 when running as an independent and winning the Allahabad West MLA seat.
  5. Between 1999 and 2003, he presided over the company. Apna Dal was founded by Sone Lal Pate.

Criminal Cases of Atiq Ahmed

Here are some well-known criminal cases where Atiq Ahmed was accused:
  1. The Sam Higginbottom University of Agriculture, Technology, and Science’s staff members were attacked on December 14 by Atiq and his goons when they refused to give two students who had been caught cheating their exams. The internet went viral after a video of Atiq Ahmad hitting a SHUATS instructor and staff member surfaced. On February 10, 2017, the Allahabad High Court demanded the criminal history of Atiq and ordered the arrest of every suspect in the case. Police detained Atiq on February 11 and kept him behind bars for 14 days.
  2. After being charged at Deoria Jail with kidnapping and torturing businessman Mohit Jaiswal, Atiq Ahmed was sent to Bareilly Jail. Atiq Ahmed’s organization had sought money as extortion, according to Mohit, who told the reporters. After failing to pay the extortion money, he was eventually taken to the Deoria prison. Prison police officers and other thugs beat Mohit. The Uttar Pradesh government swiftly moved Atiq to Bareilly Jail after learning about the incident and suspended the accused jail guards. Additionally, a phone call recording of Atiq threatening Mohit with harm unless he paid ransom was made public. Two other businessmen charged Ahmed in Deoria Jail with kidnapping and torturing them. Ahmed was moved from the Prayagraj Central Jail to the Sabarmati Jail in Ahmedabad in June 2019.
  3. On February 24, 2023, Umesh Pal, the key witness to the 2005 murder of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) MLA Raju Pal, was slain. The primary suspect in the deaths of Raju Pal and Umesh Pal is Ahmed.


The impact of literature and the arts is demonstrated by Atiq Ahmed’s life and work. He has improved the literary landscape of Bangladesh and the entire world via his work as a writer, translator, and screenwriter. His numerous honors and awards attest to the significance of his work, and his devotion to his craft continues to serve as an example for future generations of authors and artists.

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