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André De Ruyter Biography

Born on March 20, 1968, André Marinus de Ruyter is a businessman from South Africa who has held positions at Nampak and Sasol.

Directors of Eskom Holdings as of February 23, 2023

He was named CEO of South Africa’s state-owned energy firm, Eskom, in December 2019. It was announced on December 14, 2022, that he would shortly leave his position as CEO of Eskom.

In May 2023, De Ruyter released a book titled Truth to Power, in which he described his three years at Eskom and the extent of political meddling, theft, and pillaging that ultimately led to the energy provider’s demise.

Name André Marinus de Ruyter
Age 51 years old
Gender Male
Nationality South African
Place of birth Pretoria, South Africa
Alma mater Nyenrode Business Universiteit, Netherlands
University of South Africa
University of Pretoria
Education Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Civil Law degree
Bachelor of Law (LLB)
Marital status married
Children 3

André De Ruyter Age

Although André De Ruyter’s birthdate is unknown, we do know that he will be 51 years old in 2022.

André de Ruyter Early life and education

In 1968, De Ruyter was born in Pretoria. He graduated from the University of Pretoria with a bachelor’s degree, the University of South Africa with a bachelor’s degree and certificate in civil law, and Nyenrode Business University with a master’s degree in business administration.

André de Ruyter Career


De Ruyter was named CEO of Eskom, the state-owned energy provider in South Africa, in December 2019. The Citizen claims that de Ruyter enhanced maintenance spearheaded the transition to renewable energy sources, and pursued “coal theft syndicates” during his time in office. However, South Africa saw the worst electricity blackouts in recorded history during his administration.


De Ruyter submitted his resignation as Eskom’s CEO on December 12, 2022. He allegedly took a cup of coffee the next day at work that was unintentionally laced with cyanide. Following his medical care, the South African Police Service was notified of the attempted murder.

The worst power outage ever occurred in December 2022. It was revealed that same month that Gwede Mantashe, the chairperson of the ruling African National Congress and minister of mineral resources and energy, had chastised de Ruyter. Mantashe accused Eskom of “agitating for the overthrow of the state” and referred to de Ruyter as a “policeman.” De Ruyter resigned following the publication of these comments, claiming a decline of support from “the broader political economy.”

The official opposition party in South Africa, the Democratic Alliance’s Shadow Minister of Public Enterprises, Ghaleb Cachalia, charged Mantashe with leading a “relentless campaign against a man who despite having one hand tied behind his back” tried to combat corruption. He went on to say that the Minister of Public Enterprises, Pravin Gordhan, had been “powerless in the face of Mantashe.” Citing Gordhan’s “incompetence,” the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa applauded his resignation and demanded that he step down.

De Ruyter declared in January 2023 that blackouts would last for two years.

De Ruyter resigned on February 22, 2023, effective immediately. Chief Financial Officer Calib Cassim was named CEO temporarily.

He resigned after interviewing with eTV. He said that a senior ANC MP was involved in fraud and graft that was causing Eskom to lose R1 billion a month and that the police looking into his poisoning “confused a dose of cyanide with a sinus complaint”.

Along with claiming that Russia was “very long on gas,” he also said that the Central Energy Fund had suggested turning coal plants into gas plants after the Russian Minister of Energy visited. The Fund responded by accusing him of “recklessness” and stating that the proposal was made because of the “base load capacity challenge.” Fikile Mbalula, the ANC Secretary General, asserted that the ANC “is not corrupt,” promised to “take action,” and requested proof to support the allegations.

André De Ruyter Family

Mr. André is a married man who has three (3) kids as a result of their union. His family calls Johannesburg home.

Andre de Ruyter’s Wife

Andre de Ruyter has achieved marital contentment. Since there is no information available regarding his wife, she has been successfully kept out of sight. Andre and his wife now have three children. His family’s residence is in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Andre de Ruyter Qualifications

Andre de Ruyter has more than 20 years of experience in the petrochemical sector. Andre de Ruyter has worked in many nations besides South Africa, such as Nigeria, China, Angola, the USA, and others. He’s held the following positions:

  • General Manager of Sasol Ltd.
  • The Senior Executive at Sasol Ltd.
  • The CEO Designate and the Executive Director of Nampak Ltd.
  • The Chief Executive Officer of Nampak Ltd.

Andre de Ruyter Net Worth

It is unknown what his true net worth is. But it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of $10 million.

When did Andre de Ruyter start at Eskom?

De Ruyter left Nampak, a packaging company (NPKJ.J), and began serving as CEO of Eskom in January 2020.

Where was André de Ruyter born?

childhood and education

In 1968, De Ruyter was born in Pretoria. He graduated from the University of Pretoria with a bachelor’s degree, earned a certificate in civil law from the University of South Africa, earned a bachelor’s degree in law from that same institution, and earned a master’s degree in business administration from Nyenrode Business University.

What happened to Andre de Ruyter?

After giving an explosive interview in which he made significant accusations of fraud and corruption involving prominent politicians, the former CEO of Eskom, Andre de Ruyter, vanished. De Ruyter revealed to ENCA’s Annika Larsen last month that prominent politicians and government officials were involved in rampant corruption at Eskom.

What does Andre de Ruyter do?

The current Eskom Holdings Group Chief Executive (GCE), André de Ruyter, is in charge of a 100% State-owned enterprise with over 40 000 people that supplies over 95% of South Africa’s energy demands and over 45% of the electricity utilized in all of Africa.

Does Andre de Ruyter have children?

André is a married man who has three children as a result of their union. His family resides in Johannesburg.

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