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Amos Yee Biography

Blogger, YouTuber, and activist Amos Yee is from Singapore. After publishing contentious blogs and videos and getting imprisoned, he divided the internet into two camps. People who were offended by his posts condemned him harshly, but another group highlighted Singapore’s lack of free speech. Yee began blogging and releasing films on delicate racial, cultural, and religious problems while he was a teenager. Yee has been characterized as being “childlike and lacking in empathy” on numerous occasions.

He has served two years in prison after criticizing Singapore’s former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew in March 2015. He went to the United States in December 2016 to seek political asylum, but despite a court decision granting him asylum in March 2017, he has been detained ever since. He is viewed as a defender of free speech by some, yet insensitive and cruel by others.

Amos Yee Nationality

He comes from Singapore.

Amos Yee Net Worth

His net worth’s specifics are unknown.

Amos Yee Height & Weight

His weight must be at least 80 kilograms, and his height is roughly 1.65 meters.

Amos Yee The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

At the age of thirteen, Amos Yee launched his career as a child artist with his “self-written, self-directed film” “Jan,” in which he played four different roles. He received honors for “Best Short Film” and “Best Actor” at “The New Paper FiRST Film Festival” in March 2011. Additionally, the competition’s judge, actor-director Jack Neo, hired him for an internship and put him in the film “We Not Naughty,” allowing him to compose the dialogue for the scene.

To distribute his short film “Jan,” he established the YouTube account “AnusYee” in January 2012. Later, he deleted the account, returned to YouTube, and submitted his debut video—a review of the film “The Dark Knight Rises”—on July 28, 2012. He posted a comedy titled “How To Speak Singlish” on August 10 that quickly went viral and positioned him as a rising YouTube star.

Amos Yee Career

At The New Paper’s First Film Fest (FFF) in March 2011, Yee gained notoriety by taking home prizes for Best Short Film and Best Actor for his work on “Jan.” Yee played four different roles in the “twisted dark comedy,” which was based on a boy trying to persuade his three buddies to help a girl with cancer. It is noteworthy that Yee, who was thirteen at the time, made the entire movie in his bedroom, demonstrating his diverse abilities as a self-writer and self-director.

As his artistic career developed, Yee came under fire from the general public in January 2012 for a YouTube video that internet users found offensive. Over 150,000 people watched the movie, which My Paper described as portraying the Chinese New Year as a Western New Year’s Day imitation. Yee, however, made it clear that the material was satirical, with The New Paper stating that Yee was “mocking the origins of the zodiac and joking about how children should be given a one-month holiday for Chinese New Year.”

The New York Times drew attention to Yee’s collection of more than a dozen funny videos prior to his infamous 2015 video on Lee Kuan Yew. These addressed a variety of subjects, including Boyhood, The Hunger Games, Valentine’s Day, Singapore’s legal prohibition on homosexuality, and his choice to forgo his education in favor of a “career” as a 17-year-old boy raving in front of a camera. Notably, Yee’s home movies had an American-style appeal that attracted both Singaporean youngsters and a larger, global audience, as noted by Nathan Heller of The New Yorker in 2015.

Amos Yee Controversies & Scandals

Amos Yee, who was once considered a kid genius, is now best known for his contentious blogs and YouTube videos. After posting a video on his initial YouTube account condemning the Chinese New Year as a rip-off of the Western New Year’s Day, he attracted criticism even as a young boy. In the years that followed, he mainly posted funny sketches, occasionally adding videos on important topics like “Homosexuality In Singapore.” However, the video he uploaded on March 27, 2015, captioned “Lee Kuan Yew is Finally Dead!,” following the passing of Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s first prime minister, is what got him into difficulty with the law.

Yee compared Lee Kuan Yew to Jesus Christ and said that both were “power-hungry and malicious.” He then posted a lewd picture of Yew and Margaret Thatcher on his site. As a result, he was the subject of several police reports, including one from his mother, who apologized to the country on his behalf and said she was powerless to stop his behavior. He was taken into custody on March 29, 2015, and charged with obscenity, “threatening, abusive, or insulting communication,” and “deliberate intention to wound the religious or racial feelings.”

His mother brought him to the Institute of Mental Health to see a doctor after his release on bail on March 31, 2015, but he stopped after just two visits. He quickly broke the terms of his bail by publishing new blog posts and updates to his Facebook profile. Due to a lack of a bailer, he was remanded twice during this period. A man who wanted to discipline him in front of the media also smacked him. Amos Yee, an adult who was tried, was found guilty and given a four-week prison term, which he had previously completed during his custody.

Interestingly, after being freed, he accused Vincent Law, a counselor who had once helped him get a bailout, of abusing him. He eventually admitted that it was a falsehood and blamed his “inherent stupidity” for it. He was once more sentenced to six weeks in prison in September 2016 after offending religious sensitivities. He arrived in the US in December 2016 on a tourist visa and applied for political asylum. He was held at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, but on March 24, 2017, a US immigration judge awarded him asylum. He has not yet been released though, since the Department of Homeland Security is thinking about filing an appeal.


Amos Yee Personal Life

Alphonsus Yee and Mary Toh Ai Buay welcomed Amos Pang Sang Yee into the world on October 31, 1998 in Singapore. His mother teaches math, and his father is a computer engineer. He received his elementary education at Pei Chun Public School, where he graduated with A*s in mathematics and science, As in English and Chinese, and Bs overall. Later, despite having high grades, he dropped out of Zhonghua Secondary School. He claims to be an atheist despite having been reared as a Catholic.

Amos Yee Marital Status

Amos Yee was not known to be married as of 2022, and there are no known facts on his romantic life.

Amos Yee Family & Siblings

Mary Toh and Alphonsus Yee are his parents.

Amos Yee Children

His children’s identities are unknown.

Amos Yee Social Media

He formerly had a Twitter account, but it has since been suspended.


How old is Amos Yee?

He was 24 years old in 2022.

Which school was Amos Yee from?

Yee was reared in Singapore and completed his primary schooling at Pei Chun Public School before moving on to Zhonghua Secondary School.

When did Amos Yee leave Singapore?

A day before reporting for his physical in preparation for his recruitment in the national service, Yee had left Singapore for the US in December 2016.

Who owns famous Amos Singapore?

Through Famous Food Company Pte Ltd (FFC), Harrisons Holdings (M) Bhd’s indirect 51% subsidiary, Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookie Singapore Pte Ltd is being acquired by Harrisons Holdings (M) Bhd for SGD5.7 million.

Why is Amos Yee famous?

Amos Yee is well-known for his work as an actor and a YouTuber.

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