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Ainsley Earhardt Biography

American conservative author and television broadcaster Ainsley Earhardt. She is a Fox & Friends co-host.

Personal Information

Name: Ainsley Earhardt
Nick Name: Ainsley
Date of Birth: 20th September 1976
Age: 46 years old
Zodiac sign: Virgo
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: White
Religion: Christian

Early life and education

Earhardt was born in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina’s Foxcroft neighborhood as a young child with her family. When Earhardt was still in primary school, her family relocated to the Columbia, South Carolina, region. She obtained her high school diploma from Spring Valley.


Earhardt attended Florida State University after graduating from high school before transferring to the University of South Carolina, where she earned a B.A. in journalism.


Before she received her degree from the University of South Carolina, Earhardt was employed as a reporter by WLTX, the neighborhood CBS station in Columbia, South Carolina. She served as the morning and lunchtime anchor from 2000 to 2004. After the September 11 attacks, she made the trip to New York City to report on South Carolina middle school kids’ efforts to raise nearly $500,000 for firemen to replace a fire engine lost at the World Trade Center site.

Earhardt relocated to San Antonio, Texas, in 2005, where she served as the morning and noon news anchor at KENS-TV. She ran the Austin, Texas half-marathon while residing in Texas, went skydiving with the American Army’s Golden Knights, and at the Air Force Academy, she flew in an F-16 with the American Air Force Thunderbirds.


Earhardt is the author of the memoir The Light Within Me as well as the children’s novels Take Heart, My Child, Through Your Eyes, and I’m So Glad You Were Born.

Fox News

In 2007, Earhardt relocated to New York City and started working at Fox News Channel. According to Earhardt, before Roger Ailes hired her to work at the network, she “did not know the first thing about politics.” She co-hosted Fox and Friends Weekend, All-American New Year’s Eve, and America’s News Headquarters, and she made an appearance on Hannity with her own section titled “Ainsley Across America”. She has participated as a panelist on Greg Gutfeld’s Red Eye and The Live Desk.

In 2016, Earhardt joined Fox & Friends as a co-host. During his first eight months in office, President Donald Trump tweeted more than 100 times on the program. Vice President Mike Pence and Donald Trump have both been on Earhardt’s show. In a 2018 interview, she commended Trump for allegedly filming James Comey and threatening him, saying it “was a smart way to make sure he stayed honest” during congressional hearings. Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris Climate pact just before the interview; Earhardt questioned him on this, asking, “Why did President [Barack] Obama… why did his administration think this agreement was okay for America?” She called the Paris Climate Agreement “unfair” to the United States in a later interview with Pence.

James Comey was fired by Trump, who was backed by Earhardt with the line, “He gets to determine who works for him. He fires every employee who isn’t loyal to him from his company. Fox & Friends featured photographs of Kim Jong-Un inspecting businesses in North Korea during the Trump administration’s conversations with the dictator; Ainsley Earhardt called the images “very romantic” throughout the broadcast. She made a misleading statement in 2017 that “5.7 million… illegal immigrants might have voted” in the election of 2008.

Earhardt mistakenly claimed on Fox & Friends in August 2018 that the American victory over “communist Japan” was a moment that had “made America great.” When the United States destroyed Japan in World War II, it was an Axis country with an imperial fascist government. Steve Doocy, her co-host, attempted to cover up her error, but it quickly went viral.

Trump was commended by Earhardt in May 2019 after The New York Times revealed his “deep financial distress” between 1985 and 1994, which includes losing more money than almost every other American taxpayer. She remarked, “All the things he’s accomplished in his life are fairly spectacular. The majority of us could never accomplish it. Republicans no longer run for office, according to Earhardt, “because they know the liberal media is going to take them down.” She chastised “the liberal media” for this. In October 2018, after The New York Times revealed how Trump’s father, Fred Trump Sr., acquired over $500 million through “dubious tax schemes” and potential tax fraud, Earhardt charged the newspaper with “bashing” Trump’s father.

Few topics “animate Earhardt more than stories about alleged attacks on Christianity,” according to Eliza Relman of Business Insider. What about the majority? Earhardt defended the sheriff’s department when it came under fire for displaying “In God We Trust” emblems on its squad cars in Missouri. I’m so sick of defending the rights of the underprivileged. What about the remainder of the nation?

Earhardt defended the government against demands that it reveal the intelligence after Trump ordered the murder of Qasem Soleimani, a senior member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, using information he claimed was necessary. She commented, “I find it interesting that people are critical of the president’s decisions, of our intelligence community’s decisions, or of general’s decisions… Everything can’t be made public.” Mike Pompeo, the secretary of state, was quoted as saying, “You just have to trust us.” Previously, during Trump’s presidency, Earhardt had shown a great deal of mistrust for the intelligence community and had promoted “deep state” conspiracies.

Earhardt advised readers to fly during the COVID-19 outbreak, claiming that “it’s actually the safest time to fly.” Her remarks ran counter to the Centers for Disease Control’s recommendations. She accused Democrats and “the media” of making the pandemic “political” and chastised them.

After the Fox Christmas tree outside its New York headquarters was set on fire in December 2021, Earhardt, a fervent Christian, caused controversy when she said on air: “It’s a tree that connects us, that brings us together. It is about the Hanukkah spirit, the Christmas spirit, the holiday season, Jesus, and more. Her inaccurate comparison of the Hanukkah festival to the Christmas tree attracted mockery on social media and corrections in the news media.

Personal life

Christian is Earhardt.

Earhardt’s first marriage, which began in April 2005 with Kevin McKinney, ended in divorce in 2009. Earhardt wed former Clemson University quarterback Will Proctor in October 2012. They have a single kid. 2019. They divorced.

According to Vanity Fair, Earhardt and Sean Hannity started dating in August 2019 after they traveled together as guests to a wedding at the Trump National Golf Course in Bedminster, New Jersey. According to Vanity Fair, she was anchoring her Fox & Friends show from a remote studio in the basement of Hannity’s Long Island estate during the COVID-19 pandemic. Earhardt rejects any connection.

Body Measurement & Appearance

Height: 5 Feet 6 Inch
Weight: 55 Kg
Body Size: NA
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde


Father: Lewie Wayne Earhardt
Mother: NA
Brother: Trenton Graham Earnhardt
Sister: Elise Giles Earnhardt
Ex-Husband: Will Proctor
Children: Hayden Dubose Proctor

Interesting Facts 

Her solar sign is Virgo, according to her belief in astrological signs.

Attending the University of South Carolina was Ainsley Earhardt.

She majored in biology before switching to journalism.

Hobbies & Interests

She visits the gym frequently.

Ainsley Earhardt maintains a healthy diet.

She strolls frequently.

She puts a lot of effort into her work.

Ainsley Earhardt Net worth

Ainsley Earhardt has a $6 million net worth. Her career in journalism provides the majority of her income. She was a reporter for FOX News Channel.

Name: Ainsley Earhardt
Source of Wealth: Journalist
Wealth: Around $6 million

Social Media

Influencer on social media Ainsley Earhardt. She uploaded her movies and images for her fans. Her followers grew thanks to her images. Ainsley Earhardt utilizes numerous social media platforms. She publishes content across a variety of social media platforms.


Who is Ainsley Earhardt?

An prominent American journalist is Ainsley Earhardt. She is a prominent television personality. She presently contributes to “Fox & Friends” on the Fox News Channel.

How many houses and cars does Ainsley Earhardt have?

Earhardt resides in a Spartanburg, South Carolina, home that is 5,500 square feet in size. She spent US$8 million on the property, which has 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and other opulent features.

How much does Ainsley Earhardt make per year?

She reportedly earns $6 million annually in the United States.

What investments does Ainsley Earhardt have?

Ainsley Earhardt has safeguarded her financial future by making a number of wise investments. She has made investments in a yacht, expensive cars, and six real estate assets. She also owns a portfolio of investments in 8 stocks in


How many Endorsement deals does Ainsley Earhardt have?

Although none have been reported recently, there is a good chance that she has profited financially from such transactions.

How many Philanthropy works has Ainsley Earhardt supported?

Earhadrt finds time in her busy schedule to perform acts of kindness. Over the years, she has contributed to numerous foundations and nonprofit groups that promote a range of issues. She takes part in charity events and donates her time to helping people in need as a way to give back to society.

How many businesses does Ainsley Earhardt own?

She has no listed business endeavors to her name. In addition to her acting work, she has written three books: “Take Heart, My Child” A Mother’s Dream, “The Light Within Me: An Inspirational Memoir,” and “Through Your Eyes: My Child’s Gift To Me.”




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