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Adam A Zango Biography

Adam A. Zango (pronunciation is an actor, singer, dancer, director, screenwriter, voice actor, television personality, and philanthropist from Nigeria. He has won numerous awards and starred in more than 100 movies. Zango enjoys a sizable following in Africa, the Nigerian diaspora, and other regions.

He has been called the most popular Hausa performer worldwide and the most successful African film actor in terms of adaptability and featured film numbers. He was the most prominent Hausa actor in the 2000s film industry.

Adam A Zango Biography
Adam A Zango Biography
Popular As Adamu Abdullahi Zango
Occupation Actor, filmmaker, singer, dancer, musician
Age 38 years old
Zodiac Sign Leo
Born 1 August 1985
Birthday 1 August
Birthplace Zangon Kataf, Kaduna, Nigeria
Nationality Nigerian

Adam Zango’s Net Worth

Adam Zango's Net Worth
Adam Zango’s Net Worth

Although his exact net worth has not been officially confirmed, estimates put it at approximately $100 million. His achievements and impact in the entertainment business are reflected in this remarkable figure.


Adam Zango’s rise from modest origins to become a well-known global hero is evidence of his extraordinary talent, perseverance, and desire to change the world.

With his talent for singing, acting, generosity, and international acclaim, Zango has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

His legacy continues to inspire young artists and individuals, and his influence transcends national boundaries, affecting audiences in Africa and beyond.


Adam A. Zango Early life and education

Adam A. Zango Early life and education
Adam A. Zango Early life and education

Mallam Abdullahi and Hajiya Yelwa Abdullahi, a Hausa Muslim family, welcomed Adam Abdullahi Zango into the world on August 1, 1985, in Zango local government in Kaduna State, Nigeria.

Adam A. Zango Career

Adam A. Zango Career
Adam A. Zango Career

Zango’s musical career began with his participation in social club activities throughout his secondary school years, where he represented his school. In 2001, Zango started working as a music composer in the Hausa film industry. He began his career as a supporting actor and acted in more than 100 Hausa films.


For releasing his music video album Bahaushiya in 2007 in violation of the censorship board’s law, Adam A. Zango was placed on remand in prison.

Adam A. Zango Charity

Zango provided 47 million Naira in October 2019 to support children and orphans’ academic endeavors.

Adam Zango Marriage

Adam Zango Marriage
Adam Zango Marriage

Haidar A. Zango, the couple’s child, and Zango’s marriage to Safiya Chalawa are the highlights of his personal life. Beyond his public presence, his commitment to his family and his duty as a parent give dimension to his character.

Adam Zango Awards and Nominations

Adam Zango Awards and Nominations
Adam Zango Awards and Nominations
Year Event Prize Result
2015 City People Movie Awards Best Kannywood Hip Hop Artists Won
2015 City People Movie Awards Best Kannywood Actor Won
2015 19th African Film Awards Best Actor Won

Adam A. Zango Filmography

Adam A. Zango Filmography
Adam A. Zango Filmography
Film Year
Ya Ya na ND
Yar Agadez 2011
Adamsi 2011
Addini ko Al ‘Ada 2011
Adon Gari 2011
Ahlul Kitab 2011
Alkawari na 2011
Albashi (The Salary) 2002
Andamali 2013
Ango da Amarya ND
Artabu 2009
Aska Tara ND
Auren Tagwaye ND
Baban Sadik 2012
Babban Yaro 2011
Balaraba 2010
Basaja 2013
Bayan Rai 2014
Bita Zai Zai ND
Dajin So ND
Dan Almajiri ND
Dare 2015
Dijangala 2008
Duniya Budurwar Wawa ND
Dutsen Gulbi 2013
Farar Saka ND
Fataken Dare ND
Ga Duhu Ga Haske 2010
Ga Fili Ga Mai Doki ND
Gaba da Gabanta 2013
Gambiza ND
Gamdakatar ND
Gwamnati 2003
Gwanaye 2003
Gwaska 2016
Hadizalo ND
Hindu 2014
Hisabi 2017
Hubbi 2012
Ijaabaah ND
Jamila 2016
Kaddara Ko Fansa 2014
Kama da Wane 2014
Kare Jini ND
Kolo ND
Kundin Tsari ND
Laifin Dadi 2010
Larai ND
Madugu ND
Masu Aji ND
Mata ko Ya 2015
Matsayin So ND
Mazan Fama ND
Matsayin So ND
Mazan Fama 2015
Mukaddari ND
Murmushin Alkawari ND
Mutallab 2011
Nai Maka Rana ND
Namamajo ND
Nas 2013
Ni Da Ke Mun Dace 2013
Najeriya Da Nijar 2012
Nusaiba ND
Rabin Jiki 2011
Rai A Kwalba ND
Rai Dai 2012
Rawar Gani ND
Rintsin Kauna ND
Rumana 2017
Ruwan Ido ND
Ruwan Jakara ND
Sai Wata Rana 2010
Salma ND
Shahuda 2012
Siyayya Da Shakuwa 2014
Sayayyar Facebook 2013
Tarkon Kauna ND
Tsangaya ND
Ummi da Adnan 2011
Walijam 2010
Wata Rayuwa 2013
Ya Salam ND
Zanen Dutse ND
Zarar Bunu 2011
Zatona ND
Zeenat 2014
Zo Mu Zauna ND
Zulumi 2017

#deezellNamiji @ADAM A ZANGO

♬ original sound – Deezell

Who is Adam Zango?

Nigerian entertainer Adam A. Zango is well-known for his work as a voice actor, television personality, director, screenwriter, dancer, singer, and philanthropist.

When was Adam Zango born?

On August 1, 1985, Adam A. Zango was born in Zangon Kataf, Kaduna, Nigeria.

What is Adam Zango’s educational background?

Adam Zango values education more than credentials even though he did not complete college or a polytechnic. From 1989 to 1996, he went to elementary school, and from 1996 to 2001, he attended secondary school.

How did Adam Zango start his career in entertainment?

Adam Zango started his career in entertainment when he was in high school, participating in events such as social clubs. He began his career as a composer of music before breaking into the Hausa film business in 2001, where he worked as a bit actor at first.

What setback did Adam Zango face in his career?

Adam Zango was placed on remand in prison in 2007 after breaking the Censorship Board’s legislation because of the release of his album of music videos, “Bahaushiya.”

What philanthropic efforts is Adam Zango known for?

In October 2019, Adam Zango showed off his charitable side by donating 47 million Naira to help with children’s and orphans’ schooling.

How extensive is Adam Zango’s filmography?

More than 100 Hausa films, including “Ya Ya na,” “Yar Agadez,” “Babban Sadik,” and “Babban Yaro,” are included in Adam Zango’s oeuvre.

How has Adam Zango’s impact been recognized globally?

As the most well-liked Hausa performer worldwide and the most successful actor in African cinema, Adam A. Zango has garnered praise. He became well-known throughout the world for his services to the entertainment sector.

What is Adam A. Zango’s net worth?

Although precise amounts are unknown, Adam A. Zango’s estimated net worth is in the neighborhood of $100 million.

What is Adam A. Zango’s legacy and influence?

Adam Zango’s path from modest beginnings to becoming a well-known global superstar demonstrates his brilliance, passion, and dedication to making a positive difference.

His life narrative transcends boundaries and leaves a long legacy, inspiring both individual artists and aspiring artists.

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